Do these characters look like family?

This is my first time doing a mixed family and I really want to make sure I do a good job making sure they look like they can be related, but also to make sure I’m representing the black/mixed community appropriately.

-For context behind the hair because I’m aware that black women do not have straight hair- (edit, thank you for the correction, I was wrong), the king/father has a prejudice against black women and black culture, he only married and procreated with a black woman after receiving accusations of being racist and he wanted to both prove the accusations wrong and gain praise from his followers for being “accepting.” He basically just wants a white family with dark skin. His son’s hair is still curly because a) he straight up doesn’t care about his son, and b) because it’s not 4C or close to it so he doesn’t care as much about it.

I really want your feedback so let me know if there’s something I should change?

Correction, yes, black people can have straight hair. Some of us do and others don’t. It’s optional. Some have their natural hair to be straightened or maybe wear wigs/weave to have it straighten, etc. lol And be careful of showing and giving details about racism. Not sure if goes against guidelines, might have to check that.


Some black women have naturally straight hair too, that doesn’t require straightening or the use of wigs.


Yes, that too! I’m black so I can tell. lol I have naturally straightened hair as well. Since I just took my braids out, thank God. :joy:

So, for your characters, I think they look great. Hm, I’m still thinking of the nose needs to change, uhhhh hm. :grin: :thinking: I don’t know honestly, but I think they look fine.

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No, I mean naturally straight. Not straightened.
Not every black woman has natural curls, I know because [although I myself have more of an ivory skin tone] some of my family members are black and one female in my family has naturally long straight black hair. She doesn’t straighten it, nor use anything to help straighten it… because it’s never been curly.


Yeah I know, I have these stupid auto corrections when I’m typing. I know what you mean lol :wink:


Thank you so much for informing me of this. I actually had no idea!

I definitely will be careful. My story is meant to be a callout of real world bigotry and learning how to overcome it. A lot of the racism depicted is either done so through allegories or examples of micro-aggressions.


No problem! Happy Writing!

No problem! It’s okay! :grin:

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Ohh, cool. But yeah, make sure to send a ticket to the team just to be safe before you publish.

I definitely will!

espically if they are more on the light scale, which the characters are.

Sounds like you’ve got all the little details planned out quite well. :blush:


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