Do these characters look South-Korean?

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I have done a lot of research on the average features of Koreans. I have concluded that they usually have their monolids smaller and more upturned then other countries. They also have rounder faces. With that said, do you find that these people look Korean? :blob_hearts:



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Honestly I have no idea :woman_shrugging: sorry. Super cute characters though!


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in my openion you use too big noses, asian types have small noses more like button type, your characters look more like half asia and half white to me.

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I used smaller noses & brown hair colors this time as well as used the downturned nose. You guys are the best! Thank you so much for helping. :blob_sun:


I honestly think the grecian noses are dope, I know korean girls with bigger noses so idk what the other guy is talking abt. Even though makeup trends rn like to make skin look paler and noses smaller, its nice to see characters who deviant from that norm. I like how the characters are all distinct from each other


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They each have very unique personalities. I couldn’t imagine them looking very similar to each other… :fish:


I think they do mostly look Korean. I lived in Korea for a year and speak Korean (I’m not Korean). The one that looks least like Korean is the girl with the dark lips coz (and I use this following term loosely) ‘most Koreans’ don’t really favor lip colors that dark, and her skin tone (if it’s meant to be natural and not makeup) looks a bit too pink.

Even though there are hair and makeup trends and plastic surgery, and thoughts on what “natural Korean features” mean, there are always exceptions to the rule. Lee Sung Kyung for example, has very clear brown eyes even thought most Koreans don’t. There are also many Korean people who have natural double eyelids but it seems all the characters here have small eyes. I also met many Koreans who have naturally darker skin.

Love the first girl with the sock bun though - she looks like a K-pop darling and that sock bun is definitely a common sight in Korea!


Thank you so much for your response! :hear_no_evil:
That character is just for 1 shot because she’s meant to be “creepy”. The rest are main characters. Miss Sock Bun is the MC’s best friend. It was the closest thing I had to a ballet bun. :see_no_evil:

Here’s mine:

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East Asians normally don’t have a high nose bridge. It’s more common to have a very low nose bridge or none at all. As Asians in general have flatter side profiles due to their skull structure so I’d suggest less pronounced nose bridges.


I would recommend using monolid slender for the females and slender for males because a lot of Asians have monolids. I have it too! P.S. I’m korean!