Do they have to reread?

Hello. I hope i’m doing this right!

I just published my first story, but sadly there is a error in one of the scenes where my character appear almost naked. I’m pretty sure it’s because I forgot to change him into his normal clothes :woman_facepalming:

But now ofc I want to fix it, but I got concerned that if I do, will readers then have to re read the episodes?

It’s also in episode 2, so they would have to re read episode 2 AND 3 right ??

Thank you in advance !


I think it will just do a thing where you have to reread the last episode you were on. Like say somebody was on episode 10 of a story and the author edited episode 6 I think it will just make you reread chapter 10.

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If the reader didn’t start reading the 3rd episode they will have to reread the 2nd chapter, but if they are already reading the 3rd, there’s no problem (they will keep reading without having to read even the 2nd)

But if you want to help your reader you could add at the beginning of the chapter a choice, so the reader can choose if they want to read it (maybe they didn’t actually read the second chapter) or to skip it so they can go on with the story

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If they read chapter 3 already when you update chapter 2 they will just have to re read chapter 3!
But yes you can make a choice to skip the chapter :blush:

Oh okay, that doesn’t sound to bad. I was just worried they had to read episode 3 again even though the change is in episode 2.

I’ll definitely put in a option to skip. Thank you so much for your help!

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Oh no really ? So if I am to put in a skip option, where should I put it? Beginning of episode 2 or 3 ??

No worries (and you have to put the skip button at the beginning of the 2 nd chapter if that’s the one you made some changes in)

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Okay, thank you very much !

I feel really bad about it. I did read it myself 5 or 6 times before publishing, but I guess every start need a error !

Uh also. When I fix the error does is automatically fix it self in the published version when I click save on my script ?

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In theory, when you adjust the script you should re-publish it I guess (if I remember correctly) so that the app will give the reader a free pass to use to reread the chapter

Yes okay. I just assumed republishing would mean that it was totally reset for everyone.
I’m sorry I ask so much. It’s still all very new to me :see_no_evil:

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Don’t worry really! DM me if you have anymore questions :hugs:

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Thank you, thats very nice of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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