Do they look like his parents to you?

Heyy!! This is just to get your opinion, here is the MC of my story;

Here are his parents (biological)
07%20PM 18%20PM
Do they look like they could be his parents to you?

  1. Never mind the eye colour difference
  2. Never mind the fact that they are naked lmao
  3. The MC will NOT change any of his features
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, but you should make some changes (Suggest something down below :wink: )

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Hi there. (This is my first time replying as a new member) I like the way they look, my suggestion would maybe give mom a little bit of a slimmer face and I think it’d be easy to tell they are the parents of your MC. Happy writing!


I’d change the father’s eyes to Stoic almond and mother eyes upturned feline to make the parents more like the son


I love how the parents don’t look EXACTLY like the son with just older looking features. They look great! Good job!


Hey! Thanks for your input, I will not be changing her face because I’m trying to use the features that barely get used : )

Omg, I actually love how the look now, thank you!!

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Thank you!

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hi, i think overall you can tell their his parents but i think there are a couple of features that could be changed to look more like him. like her lips, and maybe face shape. for the dad, i think stoic almond for his eyes would look good. i don’t think you should change much though. you did a good job creating them!!

The son has purple eyes when his parents have blue eyes, and the skin isn’t quite accurate.

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Totally understandable!


Well sorry, I didn’t read that part :neutral_face:

Thanks for replying, but please next time read the whole post :wink::blush:

I did, but somehow I didn’t see that part. Did you edit it in later on? Anyways, sorry. :sweat_smile:

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No I didn’t lol, also sorry I sounded so rude, that wasn’t my intention :grin:

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