Do things like this in outfits bother you?


I’ve been wondering what other people feel about things like this when layering clothing:

Does this bother anyone else? It bothers me a bit, but only because I get paranoid by it. Although that’s an understatement if I think about it


Ahhhhh I have OCD so it really bothers me…


Yes! The male jackets in LL are worse though.


this bothers me so much it’s unbelievable- I’ll redo entire outfits to avoid seeing those things


Same! :persevere:


I legit hate this :confounded::confounded::confounded:


I hate those things, if I see it in a story my reaction is :woman_facepalming:
WHY, WHY, WHY? It isn’t too hard to make an outfit that works…


It frustrates me so much, like I’ll keep redoing outfits until it isn’t like that :joy:


Hate it! That’s why I think we should be able to layer clothing. Like whichever order we add the item, the most recent should be on top, completely.


Support this thread if this bothers you: FEATURE: Layering Clothes in Outfit Creator :grin:


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Oh, sorry about that!


Yes, it does! I don’t get why it happens and it distracts me sometimes!


So agree!!!


I have OCD so I feel kinda uncomfortable looking at the male’s jacket. The woman’s one doesn’t bother me that much,




This definitely bothers me. I sometimes back out of an outfit because of it.


That shit makes me scream internally. My OCD activates immediately


I hate seeing it when I’m making the outfits, but I genuinely don’t care when I’m reading a story, since that’s not what I’m focusing on (unless outfit choices are literally the only choices and the plot is moving slowly, because then I may as well focus on something).


Yes! Although I try to focus on the story, the visuals are distracting.