Do u ever feel guilty while uploading overlays-

i mean, each overlay is manually reviewed, and i just uploaded quite a few of them, and there are many more to be uploaded- plus there must be 10s or 20s of other authors (if not more) doin the same.

and everytime i upload, im just- sorry sorry for increasing ur workload but i really need this overlay :sob:

(also do u ever upload an overlay where you know the reviewer is going to take a few steps back and think “what in the name of mafia-boyfriend’s-boss’-cousin’s-pregnancy is the author going to do with this”)

anyways, im crossing my fingers because if the current overlays don’t get approved, i will AAAAA
i’ve been scripting them since morning bro please please dont


yes!!! and i feel really thankful when they send messages asking if i need help with writing my stories because i was doing schoolwork…

like imagine all of those people checking if you have copyrighted that overlay :grimacing:


Yess, I always feel that :sweat_smile:

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Totally! I uploaded like 30+ overlays in one go and some of them are just so weird, the reviewer would definitely wonder what’s going on in my head when they see that :joy: but I have no other choice because it’s necessary for the story haha.


yes i feel the same way! cause i remember that real people actually have to approve the overlays and check if it’s against the guidelines & what-not. so like i can imagine them thinking “what the hell would you need this for” or something idk😭


Ugh yess, I feel the same way! The other day I uploaded what seemed like a bajillion overlays & backgrounds and I felt bad for the people who have to review them because I know that they probably have to review a ton of them :crying_cat_face:


Sometimes yeah. One time I made some bracelets from the art catalog overlays. I thought they weren’t going to get approved because they were from the art catalog and the reviewers wouldn’t want them to be used, but thankfully, they approved it.

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