Do u need a new app icon or anything I can do?

This is gonna flop but either way in bored so…
Here I can help u with app icons and aesthetics​:sparkles::wilted_flower:

I make my own☺️!


U DO NOT need to use these as app icons, you can ask maybe for a button for your game in your story etc
here I am not doing any drawn art
If u wanna request pls fill the form below​:sparkles::wilted_flower:


What is it for? (Instagram etc);
Whats the theme/vibe?;
Any specific colours?;
Anything else?;


U don’t have to request only one thing, I’m happy to make more for u
Pls credit if u show it on Instagram or on your story because it does annoy me that I put time for u and u don’t bother just crediting my Instagram @lina_giri07
These are literally so simple and was to make so pls don’t feel weird about requesting a lot and remember to share this thread🌚
be polite💕

This will flop but I need something to do that isn’t digital art soo🙄

This is the link to an art shop you can check out if u need anything else🙈

Anyways either way, have a great day🙃


Theme: just, happy I guess?

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Thanks, and ide be happy to make it​:upside_down_face::sparkles:

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Oh, actually, can you put your credit name on the piece? If not I can do a readerMessage.

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I’ll put my watermark on it and if you want you can out a reader message credirinf my Instagram

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These are quite quick and simple to make so pls lmk if you need another or want me to change anything small😊

Share this thread to anyone who needs it✨

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Love! Tysm!

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Ur welcome​:wilted_flower::see_no_evil:

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body unclear

Are you still open?

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