Do u think this story will be good?

This story is about a horror game you are kidnapped into… Simon says!! :open_mouth: you are afraid like the other people and you see dead bodies on the ground. People die with Simon, You have a friend who calls you and you try to seek help but there’s no signal. Expose your secrets, Tell your lies. And all the mistakes you’ve done in your life. Having to do terrible things for Simon. As in Betraying your friends. Will you get out? Will YOU survive! Please DO NOT take thanks :smile:


yess omg it sounds so good !

Ohhh myyyy… I am waiting for new stories in the Horror category! That would be deffinitely awesome if you publish it! :heart: I personally think that Episode really support the romance category but I need to balance my life with horror too actually.:joy:

I would read it and I never read horror :smiley:

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this sounds really good! just curious, are you using ink or limelight?


Limelight :slight_smile:

I like the idea.


Lol I ready horror stories in books! and romance too, But I luv mystery too :smile: :

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There are a few horror stories you might wanna look at such as the elavator game!

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Oh! I’ve read that one! And I love it too :smile::heartpulse: It is such an amazing story!

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