Do we get anything from gem choices

if a non-poplare author makes a gem choice in their story do they get anything out of it? at all.

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Not sure :thinking: I’m curious too

The satisfaction of knowing someone spent their gems on you :wink:


Authors who use gem choices that are in the writer payment program get a 25% increase in the amount they receive from Episode.


but if you not are. there is no reason to make them

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Yes and no.
If you are not in the writer payment program, you do not get anything from having gem choices.
Having gem choices lowers the threshold to enter the writer payment program.
To enter the writer payment program you either have to…

  • Have 500k chapter reads in 60 days
  • Have 100k reads of chapters that have at least one gem choice in 60 days PLUS
  • 300 gem choices selected by readers in 60 days PLUS
  • Gem choices in the first 10 Episodes of your story.

You can find out more here,

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No, not really. Except for the fact that if they earn enough gem choices, they’ll be qualified to be in the writer’s payments program.

I thought that was just for authors in payments already to get the bonus?

It’s kind of hard for an author to earn 100k reads with gem choices in it because a lot of readers will not pay for gems. Therefore, it’s a loosing situation for the author. However, if the author is popular then they’ll have 100k reads of chapters during the 60 day span. That’s what I think.

It’s hard for a less known author to get anything out of having gem choices incorporated into their story because a lot of readers will not buy gems. A less known author has to work extra hard to gain anything from gem choices.

You don’t need to sell 100k gem choices- you need 100k reads of chapters (in 60 days) that include at least one gem choice. You get the read whether or not the reader actually buys the choice (but I believe that they actually need to see it- if your story is branched and the reader doesn’t see the choice, then I don’t believe it counts). You only need to sell 300 gem choices in those 100k chapters (which sounds like a lot but when you think about it, 300/100,000 isn’t much).

Ohh okay.

I am not sure on that one, exactly. That is an interesting question however.

It also has to be qualified gem choices. I know someone that didn’t have gem choices count because they were a “donate” choice, not a choice that the reader actually gained something from.
That is where the 300 gem selections comes into play, which is actually very easy to accomplish when you look at the bigger picture.

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