Do we get gems after reading stories anymore?

So, do we get gems after reading stories?
It use to work, but it doesn’t anymore, it’s been awhile so I’m not sure.

My girlfriend has the same problem, i get gems for my stories but she doesn’t have ANY that earn gems even though they are featured and she never played them

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Just reached out to the support team and based on the feedback I received I would recommend anyone having this issue to submit a ticket so the team can assist with troubleshooting. Sorry for the problems and thanks all! :v:

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I’ve never seen you besides the welcome thread. :open_mouth::eyes:. Thank you!

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I was using it on Vampire Kiss an already playthroughed story. :clown_face:

Could you close this thread?

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Closing thread at request of op @GoldenWaves

Anyone having this problem please submit a ticket for assistance. Thanks! :v: