Do we have to do character customization for our stories?

Hello, I’ve been wondering if we really need to do the whole character customization for our stories. I know it makes the story experience feel better for readers, but I was wondering if it is okay if I don’t even add it to my story? I really did want to add it but every time I followed tutorials based on it it would just cause a different error elsewhere, such as my other characters are moving in a strange way compared to before. Unless, anyone has a better character customization template I could use?

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You don’t HAVE to, but like you mentioned it makes the experience feel better for readers!


yes. It’s optional, NOT mandatory. I love to read stories with no customization at all. I want authors to vision their characters as they are. I really am tired of customizing characters all the time, to be honest.


Most people prefer customization, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to add it; at the end of the day, it’s your story and you should do whatever you feel comfortable with. There are plenty of amazing stories that do not have customization and people still love them.

I would recommend using Dara Amarie’s.


Tbh, I prefer reading stories with customisation, but it’s not a dealbreaker and honestly, it’s completely UP TO YOU :slight_smile: Please don’t ever feel pressured to add it if you don’t want to. There are many readers who don’t actually worry about customising, and if you’re worried about not getting reads, I’ll be happy to help you promote it. Just imagine if your story was published in print or made into a movie/ tv show–readers wouldn’t be able to change the MC or LI in those cases, and yet we still find ourselves immersed in the story.
As Juliett and Marysol.Episode have said, Dara Amarie has some absolutely amazing templates, including some for multiple characters so you don’t get ‘duplicate label’ errors. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I was honestly very worried about whether I would need to add it or not. I’m still very new to coding on episode so I can understand why there may be multiple errors when I’m attempting to do character customization in my script, I might just try to add it later if I manage to get the hang of understanding how to add it in properly.

Although, I am a little bit worried about not having too many reads due to not having any CC at all.


CC is not that important when it comes to reads, usually readers are more engaged in story plot, directing, etc. Don’t worry so much about CC when it’s literally just customizing a character.


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