Do We Still Use INK?

Hey, I had left the community for a while, and I don’t see ink anywhere! Does the majority party on the forums still favor ink, or have they switched to limelight?

So on the forums it’s still ‘INKY’ as ever, but Instagram still seems to have a soft spot for Limelight.

  • I use INK!
  • I use LIMELIGHT!

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I use both. :grin: The two are equally great.


I’m more of an ink person but once in a while I will read a story in LL or write in it


I would use limelight if they gave more options to the male characters. They’re shaped a little weird and hang a little weird if you ask me…






I use both, but mostly limelight for stories because the clothing is better in my opinion


I love the more realistic limelight style but I also love the more comic like style but I hate that there are so less options for hair and eyes and colors… If more and prettier options would be added, I would defenetly use that style more often.

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INK :heart_eyes:


INK and only INK. I do not even read Limelight any more. And I assure you, I really tried.

I said it many times before and I am willing to keep repeating it: Limelight behaviours (animations) do not do the characters’ emotions any justice.

Edit: I just realised I did not answer your other question. As of now, it is (sadly) clear that our community prefers Limelight to INK.


Most of my stories are in INK (I prefer it more than Limelight). But two of mine are in LL.


I use both, although LL seems more likeable now with the new content, it has more variety. I appreciate both equally, seeming how the episode team actually worked hard for the both of them :wink:


Limelight looks more realistic and I love the way limelight characters look. Ink on the other hand is a little cartoonish but it has more animations, outfits and everything which is why I can never choose between them.


Ink for life.

I often try to give Limelight a chance when it comes to reading, testing and writing stories, but in a span of just a couple minutes, my taste gets destroyed, so to save the remains of my sanity, I quickly switch back to Ink every time. Even over a year later, I still don’t understand how people can keep up with it or even like it. Ink is far from being perfect, yes, but at least back then Episode’s been able to put sufficient effort into it to make it what it is today, which still beats Limelight’s overall quality, even with a more modest amount of assets.
(No offence to LL fans.)

Episode is trying to force the community into using LL more by concealing its elementary badly-implemented animations and features with new various fancy clothing, tattoos, freckles and whatnot, but honestly, this ain’t buying my love for LL one bit. The way they do this is as if you attempted to overwrite corrections on top of an existing calligraphic mistake – how that ends up looking is like nothing but one big mess, but then again, this is my opinion.

I think ink is better than limelight in a sense of the character animations, but limelight has some very cute clothing.


I write in both, when reading, I prefer Limelight if there’s customization, if there’s no CC, I’ll read it in INK as well.

I feel like some stories HAS to be in INK or Limelight. INK has fast animations so action stories suit better but comedy stories fit Limelight more.


Gotta love how most people who like Limelight praise its clothes and assets and the rest is just… forgotten. Frankly, I do not see anything else to praise there, anyway. There are some brave people who claim it has better animations than INK though, and I respect their opinions… but no, sorry, I still cannot see it.

Also, (and here correct me if am wrong, as I am no longer that active in social media) the Episode team uses INK more to promote the app? Tumblr is full of INK ads! And have you seen all the holidays pictures in the app itself? They are INK as well. And to be honest, I do not know whether to feel glad or bad for my favourite style.

It is as if Episode KNEW that INK is more appealing to the eye. But since they have already invested in Limelight, what else can they do but practically force us to use it?

No wonder Limelight is favoured by our community. In the end, no matter how many polls INK wins, Limelight is more popular now due to its wardrobe and assets, which IN MY OPINION, it is the only worthwhile feature the style has to offer.


Yep. I don’t mind reading LL or writing in it, BUT I do find LL animations to be really slow and I don’t like it - I don’t really care that the catalogue of animations are larger. I also find that the animations loop too long, and I hate how default males are shorter than females (I’d be happy if they were equal size, Idc that the guy is shorter per se, but I always have to adjust).

Ink is just preferred for me! To read in and write in. To each their own.


About the ads, Episode explained how it isn’t an actual style that they use. They use Limelight for other random things on their instagram though!


Thank you for the clarifications @teatime and @celestiial.missy!

I am aware that not ALL the ads are in a particular style. On ocassions it is just… art, I guess? But yeah, I think there is no sense in denying that INK (in many but not all promotional ads) was and still is kind of a trend setter.

INK certainly is loved. Hopefully it will always be. But Limelight is the ongoing style with regular updates, so it is only expected that both readers and authors swarm to it for new features. It is fine if you do not see it this way, though. Perhaps we both have been reading different opinions and threads.