Do We Still Use INK?

I agree and think people have become too attactched to ink. Episode thought the transition between the styles maybe would’ve been easier, since classic to ink was… but i guess not!


I think if we would get some LL clothing for INK, more people would use INK :laughing:


I agree. Though Limelight’s popularity has been growing rapidly throughout the recent months, I think we can all agree on the fact that Ink is still the primary trendsetter and preferred style to most of the community, even if it doesn’t always appear so. All that despite Limelight being out for well over a year.

I personally can’t say how the community handled the transition between Classic and Ink as I weren’t a member yet, but all I can say is that you can’t compare the transition between Classic and Ink to the transition between Ink and Limelight. Why? Because Ink was already much more advanced than Classic, especially customisation being a brand new trend which got many existing users into using it and simultaneously invited hundreds of thousands of new users in, so whoever argues that Ink fans will eventually stick with Limelight as Classic fans stuck with Ink is wrong.

Let’s be honest: the majority of “Limelight fans” stick with it for the sole reason of additional assets, which we always wanted yet never got to see in Ink. They might not even like the style itself at all, but continue to use it due to that, so I question myself: how many genuine Limelight fans are there really? I’m guessing not as many as it may seem.

Even if Ink were to be officially discontinued tomorrow, many would still continue to use and prefer it over Limelight, whether the rest likes it or not. I don’t count on Ink “dying out” anytime soon or perhaps at all. I hope you get my point.


I was not around either, but just comparing Classic’s walking animations to INK’s gives me an idea. Clearly, INK was a huge step for Episode. The animations are so much more fluid in contrast; it is safe to assume that is the reason for INK’s success throughout this transition.

Oh, you would be surprised. There are just as many hardcore Limelight fans as there are hardcore INK fans. Of course, no problem with that as long as they are respectful.

I still seethe with rage when they claim Limelight animations are “better, not robotic at all and less dramatic than INK’s”, but hey, tolerance for others’ opinions must always be present.

I do get your point, and though I have my doubts, I really hope you are right. Only time will tell.


Oddly enough even though LL has more clothing choices, I like Ink more anyway. #Stubborn


I use classic LMFAO :joy::weary:


Not even more fancy clothing, more features and animations make me use Limelight :smiley: :joy:


Same. Plus I despise the animations as I stated above. They’re so weird. There’s this new one that’s like a flirt fingerbite and it gives me secondhand embarrassment.


I saw that in Love Life and half my brain went comatose for a couple of seconds because WHY?

Anyway, to contribute something else to the topic (for reasons beyond me, several posts of mine have been flagged as off-topic recently :woman_shrugging:) I see that in many popular INK stories readers constantly request (or rather, demand) Limelight versions. Not sure if we could say these are people who are active in the forums, though.


Ooo really? I haven’t seen anyone demand anything, I thought authors were just putting them out in LL to keep up with trends. (I might do this with one of my stories moreso bc I wanna revamp some of it.)

Also same. It made me cringe. Such an awful fucking animation.

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Oh, no no. Many authors definitely do that unprompted, sure. But some readers like Limelight so much that they get upset when they request/demand another version and get a no for an answer.

I guess the same must happen with INK. I mean, I have yet to witness the occasion, but jerks are like cockroaches. They are everywhere and they just… keep reproducing, so I would not be surprised.


Haha, that’s hilarious. And you’re very right about jerks.