Do writer wanted

Hello everyone!
I’ve hade a story idea in mind for a while but unfortunately with work being a little busy I won’t be able to bring my idea to life without a bit of help.
I’m not quite an advanced coder but I know my way around a lot of basics directing.
I’m looking for someone who will be available to talk 3/4 days out of the week, and maybe to code 1/2 days of the week.
The story is your not so classic romance, below will bit a basic idea of what I have in mind

“Falling in love is a magical feeling.

It feels as though your whole world is thrown into one person.

But what about falling out of love? What does that feel like?

I’ll tell you how it feels, it feels as though each bit of your world is being ripped away from you.

Let me rewind a little so I can’t show you what falling in and out of love feels like.”

I’ve written the script for majority of episode one.
If this is a project you’d be interested in please either leave a comment down below of message me on my Instagram lana_writes12.


I’ve DMed you :smiling_face:

if your still available to write this lmk this sounds amazing

Hey? Are you willing to be someone’s writing partner?

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A friend of mine thats not on forums is interested she said she sent you a dm

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Do you have any experience with coding?

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I do but im not looking for a writing partner, my friend is she has a couple stories and I gave her ur insta @ and she said she dmed you

i’d love to assist you on this, both with coding and writing / ideas. :blob_turtle:
if you’d like, you can reply to this or dm me on insta @doitlikepoopa :face_with_peeking_eye:

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@Sydney_H can you close this topic ?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: