Do y’all know how to make your character walk and exit a room

Mines isn’t working I looked it up on YouTube but none of there ways worked

Could you share your script?

I found out how to do but now there another promblem do you think you can help

the react_startled_suprised don’t work

Replace the LISA (react_startled_surprised) by @LISA is react_startled_surprised

Ok now I have a question it won’t let me character walk into the room so you know why

The code is @CHARACTER enters from left to screen (right)/(center)


It’s said it’s invalid

How did you write it in the script?


Does it work?

Here are guides that will help you out


Ok I see one of yours can you tell me why it says this

Make sure you read the directions for my templates before saving them in your script. On line 2491, it tells you what you need to do for line 2492.

Ok ty

Ok i did what it said now look

Make sure that outfit actually exists. You have to create your outfits in the outfit creator in the portal. If you did create the outfit, then make sure you spelled it correctly


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