Do y'all prefer Limelight or Ink?


I’ve seen loads of hate towards Limelight, but personally, I really love Limelight.

  • Limelight
  • Ink

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I personally like Linelight more. It has more options and the characters move more realistically and actually look like a somewhat real person. But that is just me :joy:


I don’t really care. The one thing I absolutely cannot stand is classic. The boys on limelight really don’t look hot though. At all. Except for my OC Shadow.




Lmao. Limelight also added a new system where instead of “color_version” there is “version_digit” like rose 05 or so forth. I kind of like this actually. Plus they added a whole bunch of new colors like greyscale.


When I first started reading episode stories which was only like ~6 months ago, I thought that limelight looked more appealing than Ink and I would look for limelight specific stories because I really did like the more realism that limelight has… BUT after readIng quite a few stories I realized that I really do like ink more… not sure what it is about it… Maybe just my favorite stories are in ink. I have only read few limelight stories where I feel a connection to. Hope that made sense.


I like READING stories in both Limelight and INK… however, when it comes to writing, I’ve tried writing in INK but I just can’t connect with my INK characters the way I do with my LL characters. It’s already happened twice… first with my published story, and second with my new one. But not to worry, you can recommend me stories in both styles and I’ll read them.