Do you agree with LGBT in stories?


Hi this is Cocofoxy #hellopet

Well I am now writing a story called ‘New Rebels of History’, and the problem is that stories with LGBT has more views than other non-LGBT stories.

So I added a bit of LGBT, but now I’m regretting it because I’m christian and I know it’s bad, but I just did it to get more views.

Do you think I should keep or discard the LGBT scene?


That actually isn’t true, there is no where that proves LGBT stories get more reads than non-ones.
It’s entirely up to the writer what’s in their story.
For example I don’t favour either story type. I’ll read a story because it’s good.


Thx @Penance
I’m just in a slump I guess

God bless you


:slight_smile: you should write whatever you prefer to write in all honesty


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Being gay isn’t bad, it’s who people are. Write whatever you want to write about. If you like what you are writing, then that’s all that matters.


Well. what I learnt since childhood was all the horror about gay. so i’m not keen on it tho


I would definitely say you’re in the minuscule minority of Episode users who think being LGBTQ+ is “bad,” so I don’t think including that option would negatively impact reads. I think an overwhelming majority of users would agree that your viewpoint is homophobic.
But ultimately, it’s your story. Write what you want.


Being gay is bad ?

As an author you should write what you feel like writing, what makes you feel good and comfortable, what you want to share. But I do understand that views are somewhat important.
Don’t feel like you have to write certain things to get views! Good stories get views when they’re good, that’s it. And I think that readers can feel it when the author writes something they don’t agree with. So don’t force yourself!


Well, I don’t have any LGBT stories, because I’m straight and I know I couldn’t portray it well, but if you think it’s bad (WHY??) you should definitely take it out… You shouldn’t have included it in the first place.


Even though I don’t agree with your opinion at all I think you shouldn’t put LGBT or any kind of character that you don’t want them to really be in your story. write for your fun not for views


I know. I’m trying to be civil for the sake of staying on topic, but it’s hard to ignore it when someone blatantly calls me and anyone else like me “bad.” The title of the thread is “Do you agree with LGBT in stories?” though, so I guess we all have the right to explicitly answer that question, which would allow us to say that we fundamentally disagree with their homophobic opinions.

I’ve been flagged a few times recently on a particularly controversial topic, so I’m being extra careful in trying to stay on topic.


true, i could have


I respect everyone’s point of view. it’s that… i’m not used to it. I heard too many rumours probably


they probably didn’t know your gender & said he/she so you would not be offended if they guess wrong.


If the only reason you’re including it is to gain views, I don’t think you should.

If you think including it could further the plot or make people feel more comfortable with more live interests, then maybe keep it.

It’s up to you so just make sure that if you keep all LGBT elements respectful & educate yourself before writing.


If writing it makes you uncomfortable, don’t do it. I don’t write it in because of that reason.


I think a lot of people would say you’re being homophobic, but it’s your religion and I won’t judge.

LGBT shows diversity, and makes people who are maybe part of that community feel accepted and that the author deserves reads for being diverse and accepting. I think if you feel uncomfortable with it, maybe just include the same sex kissing in the background, so people will notice it but it doesn’t have to be a great part of your story


u r the first person to not judge me by my religion. thank you
God Bless


Okay, so in my opinion, there are two forms of LGBTQ+ representation on Episode. The fake representation and the real representation. Any story that lets you choose your sexuality is basically fake representation because your character’s sexuality has no overall effect on the story or it’s plot, it just determines who you fuck. The story with real representation are the ones where the character’s sexuality is set. In a blunt way: ‘This is you. You are gay.’ There’s nothing wrong with it.