Do you agree with LGBT in stories?

No problem, I understand it’s what you believe and (possibly) how you were brought up

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You only added it in for views? Hmm, first of all, that’s not something you should do-writing something just for views is NOT good-you’re supposed to write what you’re passionate about-writing, it’s like breathing-we do it because we love it, and without it-oh man, I can’t even imagine a life with no writing-I would be depressed. Also, you don’t have proven stats that people prefer LGBT stories over non-LGBT (from where do you get these facts from?) Perhaps you saw Episode promoting these stories and assumed they garner more reads, which is not true. People have their own tastes; you’ll have people reading it and you’ll have ones that don’t. LGBT isn’t bad (you have this view because you grew up with it, and as a LGBT supporter, I totally understand and respect opinions) however what you’re saying may come off as hurtful to some people, and even anger them. And as for discarding or keeping the scene, that choice is completely up to you, you don’t need others to convince you whether you should keep it or not, it’s your story, do what you want.


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God loves all his children and forgives them for their sins. However, if you’re writing about the LGBT+ community just for reads, I don’t think you should include it. Especially if you’re having doubts.


Why are all the posts acknowledging that this is homophobia being flagged?!

I agree that if it’s something you consider “bad”, you definitely should not include it. I really don’t think that will limit your reads but adding something that you clearly don’t understand or like is not something you should do just to get reads.

And I know I shouldn’t get into a discussion about religion, intolerance etc. here and now. Pretty much all of what can reasonably be said has been said but maybe you could see all the supposedly more popular LGBT stories as a chance to educate yourself. I guess I can understand being against being part of the LGBTQ+ community yourself, but why condemn other’s lifestyles when they don’t affect, let alone harm, you or anyone else. People who identify as LGBT are people just like you and they are shown as such in Episode stories (at least in the ones where the representation is positive and accurate.)


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How is this respectable and courteous?


It’s her religion though, she is explaining why she is debating to use it or not? Even though I clearly see how it offends people but she doesn’t have to explain her beliefs…

If you think “gay is bad” personally you shouldn’t be representing it. This of course will cause the community especially our LGBT to become annoyed at the representation of them as people from someone who to them, may seem homophobic. Honestly what you said is homophobic, and your beliefs can’t justify that and nor can God.


I love some good representation! That being said, if you’re only providing an option for representation to get readers but doing nothing to actually support LGBTQ+ people, I (as well as most other LGBTQ+ people I know) would rather you keep yourself from writing anything related to a community you neither understand nor truly respect. Write what suits your conscience, but please don’t exploit a marginalized community just to increase your readership

If you're open to questioning the use of religion to justify your views, feel free to read this; if you're not going to open your mind, please don't bother to engage with it. To any LGBTQ+ person reading this thread who is upset by this thread, I encourage you to read this for reassurance.

I grew up Christian and know plenty of LGBTQ+ people who are also Christians, among the other Abrahamic religions. Homophobia is not a necessary part of Christianity, and insisting that it is is an insult to Christians who understand the importance of love. The Bible says nothing about being transgender at all and the New Testament says nothing about homosexuality, either. The few passages in the Old Testament that can be interpreted as condemning homosexuality if you squint at them really hard from a distance 1) aren’t applicable for Christians because of this guy named Jesus forgiving your sins anyway and 2) are largely the result of poor translations made by homophobes. The most commonly-cited verse used to justify homophobia (Leviticus… something. I’m bad with numbers) is actually a condemnation of pedophilia against young boys in its original language. Unfortunately, it’s been translated so many times, with secular agendas being projected onto it so that people could use religion to justify atrocities against minorities. Jewish people, AKA the ones who actually have to follow Old Testament law and read it in its original language, are largely affirming toward LGBTQ+ rights, despite much of halakhic law being based on heteronormative binaries. The ones I know certainly don’t go around telling gay people that they’re going to hell because God told them in completely unambiguous terms not to judge others.

Getting away from the linguistics of theology, being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, etc. isn’t a choice. If there is a God, He made LGBTQ+ people as they are, just as He made you to be straight, and they are His children just as much as you are. I’m sorry you’ve been exposed to such propaganda your entire life that you believe there’s a wrong way for consenting adults to exist and fall in love, as forcing this viewpoint on children who may very well question their gender or sexuality at some point in their life is a form of child abuse. Nobody should ever be made to feel that something they can’t actually control is unacceptable, and nobody should be forced to live inauthentically because they think coming out and living their truth is sinful. That’s exactly the kind of mindset that causes LGBTQ+ people to have such a high suicide rate, and exactly the kind of mindset that no compassionate human being, regardless of religion, should stand for. No matter how respectful you claim to be, the harm done by saying it isn’t okay to be LGBTQ+ is real and substantial.


On another note, I’m really not okay with how casually people can ask if others “agree” with someone’s existence being represented in fiction. It’s downright dehumanizing. We’re talking about real people here, not art styles or customization.


Wow. This honestly is a post that can be quite hurtful and harmful to people who are LGBT in the Episode community. I would like to respectfully and politely remind you that LGBT people are human beings first, who identify as LGBT. These human beings have thoughts, feelings, emotions, and autonomy just like you. They are not objects. This is not something as simple as asking about customization or bad boys. We are human beings, not marketing tools for you to get more reads. Do not ever use human beings as marketing tools or ways to pull in more reads. For these reasons, it would probably be best for you to take them out of your story.

To fellow Episodians who are LGBT, I am sorry that you had to be subjected to seeing this. You are loved, you are valid, and your existence is just as real as anybody else’s.

I can be reached through DMs for any further questions pertaining to this post from the OP only, as I will not participate in any arguments.


To answer your question, no I do not think you should ad lgbt+ into your story for the sake of getting more views. It’d be doing it for the wrong reasons, in my opinion. As a member of the lgbt+ community, however, it really saddens me to see someone describe me as “bad.” I respect you and your religion and I understand what it’s like to be brought up with a certain set of beliefs. But being called “bad” simply for being the person that I am, just like you, is truly really hurtful. If you do choose to keep LGBT representation in your story, or if you’d simply be interested in expanding your views and learning a bit more, I’d be happy to help you and answer any questions that you might have. (to the best of my ability, of course.) :slight_smile: Feel free to pm me.


Thank you, you really are a true gem.


I am a christian as well, and I don’t agree with LGBTQ in stories. I don’t support it so that’s why I don’t read stories with LGBTQ incorporated in them. I personally would take out those scenes

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Well… I’m a catholic but I would never discriminate anyone because of who they are or who they love or who they believe in.

Respect everyone.


I don’t discriminate them, and I certainly don’t hate them. However, I do wish that they’d come into the truth

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I’m catholic too and I support the lgbt community god said to love people and we shouldn’t judge people based on how they choose to live their lives everybody deserves to be happy and everyone has free will


Using religion to say you don’t like a certain group of people is honestly very weak, people will always pick and choose what parts of the Bible that they want to uphold.

Anyway, don’t add things for views that’s very disrespectful and if someone said something about not liking straight people a lot of people would scream straightphobia.


Sydney, could you look into whether this topic is breaking the rules more closely please? Hate speech comes in many forms, and it doesn’t always have to be violent and intimidating, just as it’s not always intentional.

It can also sound calm, like this post does, but that still doesn’t stop it from being hate speech, and it definitely doesn’t stop it from seriously harming LGBTQ+ people, particularly those struggling with their identities.
Please remember that talk like this can and does kill, and that we should keep Episode and its forums a safe space for our most vulnerable.