Do you agree with raiding Area 51

  • Yes
  • No

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(Tbh the area 51 memes are great lemme tell you that)


It’s a horrible idea. They could get shot at.


I’m going to be completely honest but they are all going to get shot and possibly die. It’s a government facility and there are warnings everywhere that they will be shot on site. I’ll be honestly shocked if that doesn’t happen.


Are there actually aliens there?

I’m sorry I just had to post this meme

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Tbh the memes are great, absolutely love joking about raiding area 51, but that’s just the thing, it should remain a joke because if they genuinely go to area 51 and go into the restricted area, they could and probably will be killed, at the point where people get serious, that’s where it should stop.


Imma be honest I love the memes first off like amazing but also I will say I’m beyond curious about things too :joy: so heck yeah I would’ve raided it no doubt. But I’m also hardcore so when they start trying to shoot because we’re getting too close to the truth honeyyyyyyyyy it’s everyone for themselves but I do wanna find out what’s in there. Even tho the government is tracking my phone and they’re probably like oh dang with what I’m saying. So reallyyyyyy if I happen to disappear all of a sudden I blame the government :joy::relieved:


Lmao, I’m genuinely curious, about what will happen in the raid, not what’s in Area 51. There’s probably nothing in there but fast planes and maybe bioweapons testing.

I just kinda want to see how many people will show up, what they’ll do, what the military will do lmao. Somebody better film the raid and post it on the internet. :eyes:

(cough) I mean, please don’t do it, someone’s gonna get hurt. :frowning:


They even have their own website with a song and merch:

Well an alien from area 51 is probably going to drop a mixtape :sunglasses:

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T h E y C a N t S t O p U s a L L !!!


Yeah, that’s what the song is called.

i bet you the aliens would run away before they see our ugly asses


Good to know we have an anthem!!!

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Omg!!! I’m dying!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:


the first thing they gon say is
“da da da dun da dun, i’m lovin it, yeah lovin you gettin the hell away from me WAKANDA FOREVER”


its stupid. they are risking fines/arrests/their health for what? nothing. even if there are aliens there its not worth getting injured on top of all the fines you’ll get.

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Well, i got three words,

Welcome To America.

Exactly! I’m not paying for that.

I want to know what’s there but I’m not about to get shot and pay for that.