Do you also get distracted while writing?


When you’re trying to write the script for your story, do you just get distracted and like go to the forums and reply to people rather than finishing your script.
I noticed that I do this a lot and I may or may not be doing that right now.
but i just wanna know if you do this too


I do this all the time. I also get distracted by YouTube as well since I use it for background noise sometimes.


Yes! Although, I try making it my priority to help others before my story!


meeee tooo doing that right now


all. the. time.


Me thinking I can multitask tried reading a episode and writing one at the same time pshhh.


Yeah… sometimes I write whilst my sisters watch their trashy American TV in the same room. I always think “meadow, there’s no way you can get distracted by THAT garbage” but I always do and I can’t seem to focus whenever it’s on… CONSPIRACIES :hushed::joy:


Yes, I get distracted within the first 5-10 minutes of writing XD


I literally should be writing rn… but here I am.
Sometimes I think I should’ve never joined the forums, because now it’s my go-to place for when I “need a break” from my script lmao, all 607 lines of it (which is barely anything for me). Before it was Youtube and Amazon (still is), now it’s this blasted place. :black_heart:

Fun fact: I was SO distracted, that this past weekend, I actually debated whether or not to create a thread for people to “yell” at me to get my act together and just write. I guess I thought it would motivate me?
If that’s not pathetic, idk what is :woman_shrugging:


I made this topic to have a reason to “take a break.” I didn’t even debate on whether or not to make this top, but GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER- another thing I do to take a break is give people advice on writing stories


Definitely! It’s absolutely human to get distracted and procrastinate. Completely understandable. Sometimes I have to turn on “Do Not Disturb” on my phone just to make sure I write at least 100 lines for a chapter :sweat_smile:


I’m so bad that I would probably procrastinate to turn on do not disturb


All the time.
Somedays it’s different and i can write like, 400-700 lines in one sitting. Somedays I can write like 1000 lines in one sitting (but with breaks) . Once I wrote 1000 lines no breaks. Other days I can barley write 50 before getting-distracted. It depends.
When I get bored of episode, I play the sims 2.


So so so easily distracted omg. I find that ideas for my story pop up before I sleep and when I wake up lol but yeah I procrastinate madly


Omg yes hahaha - it just sucks you in


The struggle is real. I always get distracted by Instagram and then on people’s IG story’s, they’re reading this story which looks really good so I go to find it and start reading it but then I try to write at the same time. Then I give up on writing and just read Episode instead. I also procrastinate too much. :joy::joy:


Oh my gosh I forgot about instagram, it’s a completely different distraction. I go on there and forget what I was trying to do


Same here lol. :raised_hands:t3:


right after I typed that I went down an instagram rabbit hole