Do you also have "TAT" characters?

“Toss And Turn” characters,
I created the “trope” in my own stories.
A TAT is a character that is crazy, one good example of a TAT is a character I made called Lily.
Lily is the ultimate TAT, when I say crazy,
That means they are tossy turny, one moment they love you, the next they are abusive.
The best example is an abusive lover, or a real woman who basically was a TAT.
She beat her daughter when she made her angry and was very guilty about it and got help.

A TAT is a character that is very abusive and harming when he/she is angry, stressed, or maybe drunk, Lily is a TAT due to the fact that she is abusive, she harms her younger siblings, but when she’s “Normal” she is nice to them and often guilty for abusing them.
That is a TAT.

That’s why it means: “Toss And Turn” they turn on you and beat you, emotionally, or physically, then they turn back, acting loving and feeling really guilty, spending time with you but can never control they’re emotions.
They are the one of the most scary people to be around because they can get angry so easily and then attack you for no reason at all.

They either do two things: Give up on being able to care for you and end up either giving you away to someone who loves you, or getting help. Or abuse you until someone takes you away, trying they’re best to stay normal.

These characters are VERY unsafe and if you have a real TAT in our life, it’s best to escape them and get as far away as possible, they may feel love for you but they are unstable, I know this because they are, and if you stay, you will get hurt, emotionally or physically, you WILL GET HURT. They have no control over they’re emotions.


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