Do you believe in astrology?DISCUSSION⭐VOTE

Be respectul please with the opinions of the others
Astrology definition :
Art of determining the character and of foreseeing the human destiny by the study of the supposed influence of the stars.-Wikipedia

  • Yes
  • I don’t know
  • No

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I don’t actually know tbh. I’m a Leo :leo: but like I don’t have a lot of personalities of a Leo. Like Leo loves to get attention all to themselves and they’re very confident but like that’s not me really me. I’m an introvert and shy irl, but I’m only loud when it comes to my friends. I do come off as stubborn which is a quality of Leo.

No, because it has no scientific nor psychological correlation.

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I don’t like it, mainly because of the Scorpio part, I think in it’s early years on the country it was most believed in they had a real hate for them based on birthdays because they make up lies like “This guy was a Scorpio, you’re a Scorpio, thus you’re a bad person” people have called people demons for this.
It’s not even true most of the time.
It’s pretty much like saying “I’m nice to you, lets call you a monster that has psychopathic tendencies based on your birthday.”

Nope, mainly due to no real scientific facts to back up any of it.

I fully agree. I personally don’t believe in this kind of stuff :joy:

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I know your birth month influences you, but I don’t think stars do. I’m a Capricorn, but I’m not similar to a Capricorn. Your personality and how you are is inflicted by your environment, experiences, and just how you are in general. I like reading them, they’re fun and cute to read. Butttt… I don’t think it’s possible that an extremely bright spheres of gas that are trillions of miles away make you who you are

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