Do you believe in dreams having a meaning?

Do you believe in dreams meaning something? Do you research your dreams and try to understand them?
I personally believe that not every dream means something, but those dreams that you remember vividly could maybe mean something, what do you think?


Yeah. I believe they do. I’ve had dreams that actually came to life before.



Most of my dreams usually give me ideas for my stories so it comes in extremely handy.

I don’t have much of a social life where I life and my best friend @EpisodeHoneyy doesn’t live close to me so my social life is mostly internet based talking to people online or writing my stories.

Dreams give me a sense of the future in my books or my life wither they come true or they don’t.


Me too.I see them all the time!!

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I think sometimes dreams can be a representation of you subconscious, but I also think the meaning people assign own dreams says more about their conscious mind than it does about their subconscious. Like if you already think you’re stressed out and then decide your dreams are stress dreams, were those dreams really trying to tell you something?


I do believe in dreams having meaning, I think it has something to do with our emotions or just random scenarios created by our brain. And I know some people get their ideas from their dreams like Nikola Tesla


Probably a reminder by your brain that you should relax and stop/ minimize stressing out, LOL I’m not sure XD

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of course! i believe that our guardians and creatures that live on the other side can send us messages through our dreams.

Or the dream wasn’t about anything and you’re just using it to confirm what you already know.

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yes I feel like it is your subconscious mind giving you a warning or some shet like that

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Yes, I think so! When I feel incredibly stressed or worried, my dreams are usually bad/disturbing. And when I have been given a deadline that’s soon, I dream about missing the deadline and wake up in a panic. So yeah, I’d say they have a meaning and can reflect how you really are feeling.

Of course!! If they didn’t, I don’t see a point in having them.

Are dreams a choice for you?

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Like I choose when I have them?

There might not be a point to having dreams they would happen either way, are you saying you can choose not to have them, because if you are if I were you I’d trying turning invisible or blowing shit up with my mind it might work.

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Lmao, no. I don’t even have dreams often. And when I do they’re always super bizarre.

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Some dreams have meaning.

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Totally, lots of times I’ve had dreams of things happening and later that day it would happen. some have also given me signs about certain people that have turned out to be true.

Lol last night I dreamed my life was an episode story, still trying to figure out what that one means? Can anyone take a guess?

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I had a dream of a man kidnapping me and hurting little girls, and drowning, but the girls drowned. The usual.