Do you buy Episode Gems and Passes? [POLL]

  • I buy Episode Gems
  • I buy Episode Passes
  • I buy both Episode Gems and Passes
  • I do not buy Episode Gems or Passes

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its really really long time since I last bought passes or gems. I dont even think LL was out

Other than a quickly-refunded gem purchase to restore progress on my tablet (there was no way I was gonna read a bunch of those awful featured stories to fully unlock the app–seriously, who thought that was a good idea?!), I don’t buy either.

When I had the unlimited offer, I bought it each month. When that went away so did my wanting to buy passes. Do the math on that one: Unlimited&No adds for 10$ or 39$ for like 100 passes (not sure of the exact amount offered.) It’s not worth the money to me.

I don’t buy either, I read slowly enough that 4 passes every 4 hours is plenty, and I have that special watch-ad-to-cut-pass-wait-time feature.

I don’t buy gems since I don’t read featured stories. Like 70% of users, I can’t see gems in community stories, so I never spend the gems I get for free (I have 540 of them lmao, I’ve only spent gems once :joy:)


I find the 4 free passes to be enough,authors don’t usually release more than 2 episodes at once anyway.I dislike the featured stories so no gems.

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I don’t buy anything, but I’ve thought many times about it… mainly for gems because:

  • A. trying to read their featured stories without getting frustrated that you can’t do anything is impossible
  • And B. because I love their feature that allows you to skip ads for 5 gems. If I bought even 100 gems, I’d be set for months :relieved:

4 passes is more than enough for me atm, but their 30 day unlimited passes deal looks pretty decent. If I was more of an avid reader, I wouldn’t be opposed to giving it a try

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I’ve bought the 30 days unlimited passes deal a few time. I think I’ve bought gems… maybe 3 times? Always the smallest pack lol. Then I usually pay for the gem choice and regret it immediately after.

Do you still remember how to buy

yeah you tap on the diamonds on the and it takes you to the buy screen