Do you care about customization in a story


Im writimg a story and im not allowing customization for my own personal reasons. But I’ve read allot of stories where we didn’t customize characters and they’ve gotten allot of views


It doesn’t have anything to do with customization, readers LOVE to customize.

But if you use things like overlays/ backgrounds with the characters, customization bothers it. Also if you want to make multiple characters out of the MC or use none features.

And when you don’t let people customize, you can describe the character/s look/s and when you let people customize, it just comes out kinda weird, since the character might look different to them.

Examples for overlays/ backgrounds:
Arms/ legs/ hair overlays and other characters parts.

Art scenes, sometimes people make a background/ overlay for a character’s look that isn’t available to use. (Like if they’re injured or something like that.)

So I personally prefer stories without CC, but you can make up your own mind, if you don’t have a use in those.


As a POC, I love character customization. I can not tell you how many times I’ve read stories where the MC was white + the BGC’s and I just stopped reading because there’s no type of diversity. I think if you included diversity there shouldn’t be an issue.


Ok first of all, I didn’t mean to reply to you nor was I being rude to you. And second of all, there’s no such thing as being “racist” to white people.Prejudice? Yes. but what I said was not meant to be taken offensive. I am a POC and I would like stories to include some type of diversity, even if the BGC’s are POC friendly that would be nice. I don’t think it’s wise for you to go back and forth on this thread with me because it’s my opinion and you should respect my opinion. In no way, shape or form did I come on here to bash you, so please just leave this alone. and btw you’d be surprised at how many little views stories get when the MC is a POC, so just stop.


and if you read what I said instead of getting in defensive mode you can see that I said I’ve stopped reading stories because there’s no type of diversity in the story. As in, even the BGC’s aren’t POC friendly either.So again, instead of getting in defense mode read.


Yes, because it helps me get ‘into the story’.


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Exactly, I’m a POC too and my main character is gonna be black, most of my characters are POC


Yay! Let me know what your story is called once it’s published. I’d love to read it!


Yes for sure :slight_smile:


Personally I don’t care about character customization. I’m interested in good stories regardless of how the characters look.

The story I’m writing I don’t use customization except hair/lip on the MC. I’m using overlays that include some of the character’s arms/hands so in order to let everything match up I’m not letting people customize. Im sure people hate that but it’s just how I want to write my story.


Same. I don’t bother about customisation. I love playing characters that author created. (Unless they default ones)
My story has a lot of custom edits as well and I do think that gives even better experience for the readers.
And I think every authors decisions should be respected :heart:


I personally enjoy creating a story with the main character’s look in mind, it helps me better as a writer. However I also appreciate the ability to customize in other stories I read. There’s pros and cons to both options, it’s just important to respect the author’s decision. It is so annoying to get comments, not on the content but only on wanting to change the MC’s hair color or eye color, especially when I chose it for a specific purpose in mind. I love it when an author gives a story more dimension by actually giving characters diverse looks, personalities, and backgrounds, not just the boring ditsy girl who’s fallen in love with the boy she least expected.


Agreed. As another chocolate lady, once I’m able to customize I immediately connect more with the character.


Here’s my opinion on the matter:

I don’t mind CC on my own character if it’s meant to be myself. If I’m meant to play a character with a different personality as me, it gets a little bothersome because I want to be myself. Of course I still play normally, it just feels odd, personally.

I’m starting to get a little annoyed customizing the love interest though. I understand people have different types, but I want a surprise on who’s going to be my love interest. I can’t just walk up to someone in real life and click on different parts to change it.

Another thing to think about is how much of a hassle it is for authors, with or without. I’ve read stories with such beautiful characters, but people want to change them, for what reason? And if you do CC be ready for people to be like “I made a mistake!”, “Can I re-do my character?”, “Can I change the look of (character who isn’t CC)?”, etc. I’ve seen it happen.

I also just realized that almost every time I reply to something I write a short essay about it. WHOOPS!


No. I care about the story and its characters. If the author offers customization, that’s great. If not, no problem!


Yes!!! I want to know the name of your story too when it’s done!! I’m a POC and I try to make my stories colorful with different shades of everything. I do allow CC because when I read, I like to be represented, and I want my readers to feel that way to. @Kls12s @brvnda

If you want to check out my piece, it’s called H & V: In Too Deep


I will check it out :slight_smile:


No, not really, it gives the characters even more personality I think.


People usually tend to think that having blacks in a story is diversity. Nope. Diversity is having different types of people, and not only blacks. If blacks and whites are equal, then why do they criticize when the MC is white and others are black. Having people of different types IS diversity, NOT blacks. UHM so, it doesn’t really matter if your story has no customization, I honestly like to play the story as it is :slight_smile: Mette’s stories are a great example, she offers only a few customizations and which IMHO is better.