Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Hi everyone,

After reading many mafia and high school stories, I started to crave some new stories. There’s nothing wrong with high school or mafia stories. I personally like them, but sometimes I want to eat something other than spaghetti or macaroni. There is also always a desperation in the main character that she needs a man in her life. No, you don’t baby. You can do anything without a man or woman. You can take care of yourself, and true happiness comes from you.

That’s why I decided to write a story about female empowerment. It is not necessarily obvious, and you hardly notice it. I want my messages to be genuine and realistic, so the meanings will hide behind words.

My story is about a woman from a traumatic background. She is going to open her own company, and she is going to choose everything herself. You will help her with these decisions, because choices in this story matter a lot. You can choose between four different branches: restaurant, nursing home, hair salon or audit firm. You will choose who you’d like to hire, so you will be given the opportunity to create your dream team. You choose the location and the furniture for your company, and you’ll give your company a name.

I have always wanted my own company, and this is kind of a dream come true. I know that many others have dreamed this or that they still dream this. That is why this has also been a reason for this story. It’s nice to manage a business, of course, but at the same time, this story has a lot of unique plots.

The first three chapters you will make choices, so that in chapter four I have a completely personalized story only for you.

There are an awful lot of branches in this story and I think I now have about 24 different endings. You can choose to have a love-interest, and the LGBT branch will have a full and exclusive storyline about the MC struggling with her sexuality.

It took me about 6 months to code the first three chapters. Time doesn’t necessarily say a story is good, but I promise you there are no spelling or directing mistakes in this story (yet).

Details of the story

Title: Business Woman

Author: Aliffoen

Style: Limelight

Genre: Drama / Adventure

Description: As a strong woman in the business scene, you are faced with difficulties which come with managing your own company. Who will you hire? What kind of boss will you be? And what happens when the past is catching up with you? (CC, CM, LI, LGBT)

Chapters: 17

Instagram: @BusinessWoman.Episode or @Aliffoen



Screenshots and more information on the story

What is your company? Choose between an accounting firm, hair salon, restaurant or nursing home.

Full CC for the main character, the female LI and the male LI.

Do you like minigames?

Iconic characters and hidden messages behind words.

Create your own team by hiring the people that you want. You can choose between 6 people, and you’ll have interviews with each one of them.

In this story you also get to know different religions and cultures.

A totally different storyline for the LGBT community, because you deserve it.

Emotional and heartwarming moments that make you think.

This story also discusses racism, body shaming, and other social issues.

And of course some thrilling and nerve-wracking situations…

The reason I’m writing this is because my story is about to end. I’m also going to do a double update tomorrow and I haven’t really posted here very often.
I really don’t expect anyone to read this, but it felt nice to write this.
If you have read everything that I have just written, then I am super surprised and grateful. Reply with “pizza salad” and I’ll love you forever.

What do you think?


Pizza salad :green_salad: :pizza: ahah I prefer Sushi :sushi: :see_no_evil:
Btw that’s a cool thought, no wonder why I adore your story with all my heart…Good luck for tmw :stars:

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Omg Nush I can’t believe I’d find you here! I love you so much, and appreciate it! I’m also a sushi fan tbh!

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I couldn’t believe that too :joy: Tbh I like reading on forums, searched something like happiness… and to my luck, this popped up! Cool, isn’t it? :white_heart:

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Omg! I’m writing story abt feminism in a high school run! :sparkling_heart: do u want me to tag u when we release it? It’s called “no thank you”. It’s kinda based off the book MOXIE.

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pizza salad :)) this seems so interesting omg

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The title sounds intriguing :heart_eyes:

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The coincidence of it all! But I’m so glad to see you here :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Omg thank you so much! :scream: :cry: I’m happy to hear that! Can’t believe that two people already have read my rant :open_mouth:

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ofc! is this story out bc i rlly want to read it

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Yes, there are 10 chapters available right now. Check the details button in the text to find the link and details of the story.

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wow- im blind. i didnt see the link before. im def gonna read later! thanks and good luck on your double update!

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Thank you so much Erin :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Good luck, less than an hour to update… Am I right? :partying_face: Or… Am I right? :joy:

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Pizza salad all the way! I read this in about a minute and I was grinning from ear to ear :grin:. I love the idea behind your story :blob_hearts:! And I feel the same way about the high school and mafia stories, and always being dependent on your love interest :tired_face:

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The nerves :flushed::flushed:

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Says the one who is damn talented :no_mouth:

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Omg Jade thank you so much :pleading_face::heart: and ikr! It’s not really relatable too, because I’m sure people are much stronger than any other main character :muscle:

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:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: You’re too nice! Omg I need to start my PC before I update. Brb!!! :joy::joy:

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pizza salad


Definitely reading your story!

It’s something that I’ve noticed too, so many episode stories only focus on the romantic relationship as if it’s the only thing that matter besides friendship, and even self-improvement… I’m also writing a story, some elements are similar to your plot actually ahah that will focus on all of this and not just romance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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