Do you count a dead character a MC?

Ok, so I have a character in my story, Truth or Dare, and she is dead. But anyway, I still count her as an MC even though she is dead. (There are two others MC’s, Rose and Anna.) But my question is do/would you count her as an MC because she is dead? Yes or no?

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Was she like a best friend or part of the group of friends of the mc’s

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:thinking: The distinction between main character and supporting character is kinda subjective, vague, and not overly useful imo. I don’t really distinguish between main and supporting characters when I read; I prefer to imagine that the story is taking place in another reality and just following one or a few people around like a reality show. And who would the main characters of this reality be? You? Your best friends? The politicians? Jeff Bezos? The question doesn’t make sense in that context. :slight_smile:

I tried to give you a textbook definition, but the top sources on Google couldn’t even agree on what “primary character” and “secondary character” meant (ie. whether extremely important characters, like Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter, would be primary or secondary characters). :joy:

If I had to give you a straight answer, I’d say that a story can have one main character, maybe split into as many as three, but they all have to be actively doing something, and you have to see into their live thoughts sometimes. So the dead girl couldn’t be a MC unless she was a ghost actively haunting someone. That’s as direct as my rambly ass can get. :joy:


Or you show her past all throughout each episode or something I guess.


I tend to approach things based on “screen time.” If the ghost is appearing in every episode and quite a few scenes I would count her as a MC. However, if she only shows up every three or four episodes or something I’d count her more as a “side/supporting character.”
That’s just how I’d approach it, though.


But I’d also add she should be as active as possible. Actively haunting, actively doing something. (in other words not just a person on screen).

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Ok, so…here name is Kimmy. Here is the link:

Please don’t read the last scene so you don’t totally see the part of the cliffhanger I have written in.

Thank you so much for your reply!

I totally get what you mean. I sent the link in my last reply but…I was thinking about this more and more today and I was thinking I probably shouldn’t make her a MC because she is dead and can’t live on more so…you know? But, maybe I should hmmm…because she can comment on the actions of Anna(another MC) and Rose(the other MC).

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Gonna reply to 2 people here so I will put their tags so you know who exactly I am talking to…
I actually am putting a bit every few episodes and blending in her past about why she died.

Ok. I see where your coming from. From where I though about it over and over again I stil can’t decide. If she should be a third MC or not.

So…here is a poll about it. Please read my story except the last scene. Before you vote please.


  • Yes!
  • Heck no!
  • Eh, whatever.
  • I don’t care either way.

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