Do you currently have a crush on anyone?


Well, I don’t really have a preference on looks bit preferably decent looking. I really like brown eyes, idk why, they’re just so fucking attractive sometimes. But personality wise, probably someone funny and a nice person lol.

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I think men with more square, somewhat symmetrical faces are attractive.

Yes. I like a guy to be nice but not too soft. A guy that knows his boundaries and express it is super attractive to me.

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Oh, then hmmm… :revolving_hearts: :heart_eyes:


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Game characters be fine :ring::heart:

Like I wish they were real sometimes

I’m actually into someone right now :sweat_smile:.

Should I say it ?

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Awe. That is so cute!!!

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yeah it’s my cat

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Oh come on. Getting me all excited for a cat lol.

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I wouldn’t say I have a crush on anyone, but I used to have feelings for my best friend of four years. I’m a girl, for reference. We were both aware of each other’s sexualities. She currently has a girlfriend though and suddenly became distant. We used to be super close to the point where we were actually saying “I love you” to each other. She said it first. I wasn’t sure how to take it as she was in a relationship. We haven’t talked for a while, though. I’m not about to make assumptions about what happened, I’m just seeing what happens in the future.

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Kinda?? She’s like the Literal moon walking on earth; shiny and serene but a bit distant (or rather very introverted)

while she has expressed admiration for me as well, it seems like she might be intimidated by me… hopefully we’ll get through it and make her feel more comfortable around me eventually!


I was forced in middle school to like people romantically and now i don’t even know how i feel towards people :grinning::+1:t4::ok_hand:t4:

My celeb crush is Jackson Wang :yum::heart_eyes:

Of course​:pleading_face::heart: And they’re all :sparkles:fictional:sparkles:

I mainly care about personality but I would love somebody with humor everything else is just a plus

and I currently have a crush who is perfect so I’m very happy :blush:

Well I do have a crush on myself, but I’m not sure she feels the same way :pensive::raised_hand:t3::broken_heart: