Do you dislike this in the story?

I’m curious if you like or dislike when we can see the thoughts of a character in the:

  1. narrator’s bubble.
  2. In a charecter’s bubble

The reason I ask is because usually in movies or cartoons we can’t “see” the thoughts of characters, maybe only hear them in the background ( and for that we can use a narrator’ bubble, but then again to the first question.)

I like it and I think it adds to the story a lot and gives the reader a real insight into what the character is thinking/feeling. I use the character’s bubble for what the character is actually thinking in the moment and the Narrator bubble for actions and/or to explain other types of feelings/thought (if that makes sense). Hope I answered correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for sharing your opinion:)

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I think the narrator bubble give more of a TV/movie vibe, because I imagine it like a voice over.

The thought bubble gives me more of a novel vibe because books often give you information on what the character is thinking.

Don’t really dislike either, but sometimes with really long stories (30+ episodes, usually romance genre), I notice the author gets really reliant on the narrator bubble to describe the whole episode, and that’s when it gets annoying

Yeah! I also see it as a voice over! ^^^ I barely ever use the thought bubbles to think about it?!?? But I don’t care if other people use them.

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