Do you enjoy dramatic stories?

I came across a comment on a thread, regarding what turns them away from a story, and someone had mentioned that they hate dramatic stories. Do any of you feel the same way about them too? If so, what exactly is it, that puts you off? Is it too depressing and/or triggering?

Let me know your thoughts.


It can be dramatic. Just not TOO dramatic, and on a relatively realistic/believable level. For writers out there: don’t add drama for the sake of adding drama, do it because it adds more depth to the characters and the story :slight_smile:


But won’t certain situations be deemed as too dramatic to some and believable to others? I feel like the story I will be writing, might be too dramatic because of the things that have happened towards me and others around me.

I guess my story won’t be for a lot of people out there.

Hey, you don’t know that. Even if it is, so what? You should write for yourself first :slight_smile: There will always be people who are into different things. Personally, I don’t care how sensitive or ‘dramatic’ a story is, as long as it’s good to me.


I’m not a fan of too much drama, maybe a little tho haha. As said above, it’s awesome if it’s logical and believable. The worst drama scene I hate and see in Episode stories all the time is when the MC girl catches the love interest being kissed by a girl even tho he doesn’t want to kiss her back :woman_facepalming: then the MC leaves and doesn’t understand the full story.


I literally hate drama, I mean, some drama stories could be good but some of them could go in an entirely different direction. It’s just the lack of choice that gets to me sometimes, like when a character decides to do some really stupid thing and it creates a whole problem, I HATE THAT. I mean of course the character’s decisions are not based on the reader’s intentions but still, it’s annoying :joy:. I like drama to a certain extent.

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The thing is, I want to create “drama” that is more psychological thriller rather than it being some petty stuff that is on some “bad boy” if that makes sense. I don’t know if the word drama is even the right word to describe it.

My story will not have choices that will change the storyline, just the basic simple choices. The reason being, a lot of the choices that I have read just have the worst choices, a lot of the time it makes me want to stop reading because the choices that you get to make doesn’t allow the character to grow. They just keep making the same stupid mistake.

However, I am working on a second story but that will be more like a horror game and will have A LOT of choices and endings. I just want to dabble in both worlds and see how good my storytelling is with and without major choices. Sorry if I seem like I’m going on a rant, I truly appreciate your comments.

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Oh, I HATE those scenarios! It’s overdone.

You are right I do want to create it in a certain way, that may not be popular with a lot of people. But, thanks for the input, really appreciate it. :):grinning:

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It’s alright. Hmu if you’d like me to do a review on your story when you’re done though :slight_smile: I just really hate basic dramas with predictable/ cliche endings :joy:

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Oh, I’ve got a long way to go yet. In fact, I may just let you get to read the story, for you to review it, before its even published. At the moment I’m still on the script bases, just need to perfect the script. And don’t worry, there will be nothing cliché about this.

Sounds good.

Of course!

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