Do you enter give aways?

Do you ever enter authors give aways? If you do what makes you want to enter their give aways? I’m trying to get better ideas for when I hit 2k reads. I did a character contest when I hit 1k but I want to do some different this time. What prizes would you want to see? :thinking:

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What makes me enter is, that the requirements arent’t like tAg 10 friEnds aNd repOst On yoUr AcC AND StoRy, like i want normal rules, and the prizes should be fair! And I hate when people choose a bigger author or their friend as a winner, I feel like small authors should also have a chance. But overall I join giveaways of creators I know and usually whose stories I’ve read!

I think I’ve entered a couple (I won one yeii), I entered because I wanted a chance on an art piece by an amazing artist, that’s what motivates me to join a giveaway:) And I also I enter giveaways of authors I love and I’ve read their stories, I won’t be entering every giveaway I found somewhere hahaha. And something that makes me not want to enter a giveaway is when you have to tag people haha cuz I have no friends:(

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