Do you ever feel like your story is never good enough?

I just finished my new stories first 2 chapters and read them as a review. I’m trying to make them over a year now but I feel like it’s not good enough. Do you feel like that sometimes or is it just me :smiley:



Because as you continue to code for a while, you understand coding better, and you see what you could have done better, or you’ve read other stories and compare like pfft, mine should be at least half this good…

Or like my coding NOW is SOO MUCH BETTER than it was a few months ago >.>

Of course, I think many feel that way ^^ But I was told by a special art professor a while ago that you have to let go of the perfection. A piece of art is NEVER truly finished. You just have to get it out there, or your art will never be known.

<3 <3



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always. you will always think your story is not good enought

also an advice I a got once. the reason you think your story is boring is cause you write you it, know what is going on. the reader does not


sensible :smiley:


yes!! yes i do!!! some writers are just SOO good and yes i can ge tkind of jealouse :smile: but i just try to enjoy writing and i just hope that even if it’s one persen, that person can enjoy reading my story!


yep :joy: I always end up editing my story because I learned new things

Yes, a lot.

Yeah, but as @line123462 said, it might be because you’re the one writing it. Also, you can always make every chapter better and better as you go (that’s a good thing about writing on Episode).

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Oh definitely!

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I do, especially when I first released it and it hardly got any reads… I was thinking: I like my story?! How come other people DON’T? What’s wrong with it?

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I feel like that all the time. Based off the number of reads my story has, I think my story isn’t good enough :frowning: It’s not growing like I imagined it would be. Right now, I’m thinking about giving up on it and starting on a new story.

Well none of your stories will grow if you give up after a few chapters! I remember: @ShanniiWrites’s story only started getting lots of reads after the 10th chapter. She just stuck with it!


Definitely! I avoid stories from authors who actually think they’re God’s gift to writing. Thanks to something called the Dunning-Krueger effect, the people who don’t feel like their story isn’t good enough usually don’t get any better because they don’t try to get new information and improve themselves.

It’s 100% normal to feel that way. It’s just your critical author trying to help you improve.

I suggest taking a step back, get a tea or coffee or hot chocolate, put on something funny on the TV and forget all about your story. Then, when you feel a little better, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and force yourself to find 5 things you like about each chapter.

The first few steps are to clear your head so that you don’t look at your own story with the same disappointment that you feel originally. It is important to get that feeling and recognise it, but then you need to get past it to do anything useful.

Then the 5 things step is good. If you can’t find 5 things you like about each chapter, you have a new target. Work on editing the story until you can find 5 different things you like and then tell your inner critic to shut up and move onto the next chapter. Otherwise you’ll be editing forever!


I know, but my story hasn’t even reached 1k yet😞 I published the story last year in October and it hasn’t gotten nowhere. I’m working on my 22nd episode, and I just wanna give up on it.

Maybe… Do you have a difficult time marketing yourself? I know I do >.> what are your keywords? That can help people who wanna read your story. Enter contests and stuff and see if that might help.

I’m hoping this current contest helps me grow a bit ^^ I have a good feeling about my story for this. Mostly because it has been a blast to write!! But I really believe the most important thing is to love what you’re doing ^^ also update often cause readers love frequent updates haha

Maybe you should take some time to get reviews in? there’s lots you could do

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I constantly feel like whatever episode I’m writing isn’t good enough, but like what @ShanniiWrites said, finding 5 things or even one thing that you like about a chapter definitely helps!

After all, you’re writing the story for you and no one else should take that away from you <3