Do you ever feel


Like… everyone is right there but somehow they’re so far away… like you’re drowning but there’s no water around… and you want it to end but you know it never will… like the whole old is just collapsing on you…

Do you ever feel: Part Two
Do you ever feel: Part Two

I have felt this way as well, this is this first time I am open about my depression.
When I dealt with that I never felt like I was really there, like you talk with people, but you don’t actually talk.
I had almost no idea like what time it was at the worst point, I was just like in a kind of unreachable bubble :joy:


We’re here for each other, J.


I too have felt this way many times. They are some common symptoms of depression, too. It’s good to remind yourself that you’re not alone, because you’re not, and that you can reach out for help or to just talk to someone. Sometimes just admitting what bothers you can help it a bit.


Well, I am here for you know, I was able to leave this behind, and I am sure you can do that as well!


It actually feels good that I know right now I was not the only one dealing with this kind of things!


Yeah true I guess. But for some reason it still feels like no one gets it or know how it feels


I do understand that, you are still in the middle of it, so you might see it differently, and everyone might have/feel it in another way, not everyone is the same!


I’m glad you guys created a safe space for individuals such as yourselfs to express their inner tribulations. I would like to add that I also suffer from anxiety, mild, but anxiety nonetheless. I recommend you all keep yourself occupied in proactive things that make you feel good. Keep close those who support you in life. And if it ever starts feeling like it’s too much for you to handle, seek help from your parents, or an adult who you trust or a friend that will push you in the right direction. There’s also nothing wrong with seeing a professional or taking medicinal aid.


I know what you guys mean


I didn’t know so many people felt this way…


I feel that way all the time, lmao. It’s partly bc of my depression, so…


let me know if anyone wants to talk im all ears im a good listener lol :slight_smile:


we are with you


well my friends have gone through a lot with me. People have tried to defeat us and tear us down. Recently, we all suffered a ‘tragedy’ together and I started crying so I created this


Hmmm, this actually gives me an idea. With your permission, @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE, I’d like to do a part two that will also feature your topic.


sure. Make sure to send a link to this topic


Alright! :slightly_smiling_face:


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE Maybe I should share a bit of my story with you…

When I was 14, my anxiety and depression got pretty overwhelming and I was actually hospitalized for it.

I always used the tunnel analogy - it felt like I was a train stuck in a tunnel and a knew there would be a light at the end of the tunnel, but it was just taking so long to get there.

Anyway, I’m happy to say that it does get better! I’m 21 now and I’ve got a pretty great life, a good support network and I’m even building my own house. I still struggle from time to time, but getting professional help really helped me get to the light at the end of the tunnel and I have a better control over how I let things affect me.


I have your back, I completely agree