Do you ever go on your phone during school?

Surprisingly no. I don’t wanna get in trouble that’s why I never answer my messages until 6 hours later. :joy:

Is that even a question… of course i do

Where’s the fun in being a teachers pet

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Umm I‘m watching netflix while having lessons but idc Hehe


I’m on my phone in lessons all the time. The trick is to sit in the back of the class, hide my phone behind something and keep it on silent the entire school day.

No, dearing Math teacher, I’m just reading this one page in my book and tapping on it, definitely not on my phone. (Kidding, I don’t get caught)


Lmao i go on my phone all the time in maths, i put it in my calculator case so it looks like im on my calculator :crazy_face:


Nice idea :joy: my phone is too big and my calculator is too small though

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Sometimes, if we’re allowed to do whatever we want.

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No, I don’t. Unless my friends let me use their hotspot in activity time lol or pass :joy:

Yes, especially in gym class :joy: or in study hall when the coach leaves the room. My English teacher doesn’t care if we’re on it when we’re done with our work.

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I’m on it a lot in school because the teachers could care less.


I usually do, but now the teachers are saying that if they see our phones out, they’re sending us to the office, taking our phones away and sending those to the office, and then calling our parents. It’s tempting to get on my phone, but I’m not taking any chances lmao

Phones aren’t even allowed at my school :sweat:

All. the. time.

W e l l,
yes, but actually no.

I know alot of friends who go in it secretly and our school is quite strict with phones, you’re aloud them before the first bell goes in the morning (I think …).

But speaking of phones, our school has quite a load of computers, laptops etc.
and they all have this Thing which only allows students to search certain things up, like if you were to go on youtube your access would be denied . However episode isn’t denied :stuck_out_tongue: and there are still a load of games that peeps play . Another thing which is reaaaaaallly annoying is that in lessons teachers can see what you’re doing on the devices and can even control your screens ! sksksk

When I was at school…I didn’t havez a phone :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. With my technology addiction, yeah it’s hard to put down any electronic I see. But I’ve made sum progress. :hugs::hugs::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes sometimes.
I’m homeschooled so instead of hiding it from the teacher I have to hide it from my mom.:hushed::hushed:

No not at all, if some of y’all always use your phone in class how do you learn :skull:

the teacher forbid us to even touch the phone during the classes and on breaks i’m always chatting with my friends and don’t use a phone until i get home.

it’s rare that we always go on our devices 24/5. We do get the learing, and I can gaurentee some of us probably don’t get what we’re looking for and shut the phone off, matter as well, we don’t use it while learning something. I can gaurentee we use it while after a test, doing a worksheet on a lesson we already learned, and such forth.