Do you ever regret writing a story in a style?

I’m writing my first story in ink, I tried writing in ll but I didn’t like it at first. Now I’m regretting my choice because I’m in love with the new features😣 I still love ink and I don’t know if I should write my story in ll or it is a waste of time
Did you ever struggle with the choice of style?


Yeah I did. Lol. There is the idea that you want to put your story in that style then u want to put yr story in another style that ppl like most.

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A bit, LL has some amazing clothes etc But there’s some things I prefer with ink, and I do love inks animation. I guess INK is just the style I learned to love When I first started Reading Episode, so it’s always been a preference of mine. I do love LL and They have some really cool stuff.




I did this too. I don’t particularly like LL but I was going to give it a try but I changed my mind soon after and went with INK.


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I am struggling right now writing my first story in LL (I regretted doing it the first time I tried to write it). I used to be an Ink lover to the max, and it was very hard to make that transition in writing in a newer style. I’ve written stories in both the Ink and Classic style, so I’ve decided to give LL a try.


Nope. When LL came in I started writing in it right away, although I was used to INK at that point. You just have to start, and you will catch it fast. Just don’t be afraid of new things :woman_shrugging:


thank you

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I don’t. I just use the style that I like the best (now it’s limelight). All I know is that some ppl write a story in more than 1 style but that’s not for me. To me, it’s more of “pick which style u want and write a story in it, why write the same story in different styles” I don’t frown when other people do it but I guess it doesn’t sit well with me, personally.

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True. Its abit of a strange concept to me at furst but then I understand. They dont want the style to be of constrain to readers and want to make sure that their story ideas are seen by many irrespective of Ink or LL lovers. Style discrimination is real.

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I understand it when an author learn how to code better and wants to make their previous stories better. I wanted to write strength in both ll and ink but,then I would make the exact copy of the same story because my directing isn’t improved yet.

So true!

But I just think that if u have a story in one style, no need to write in another (if ppl miss out on a good story, so be it) :sweat_smile: I don’t mind if others do since people won’t read stories because of a style however i’m open to all :heart:

@csr it’s always good to practice with directing using different types of stories :sunglasses:

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