Do you expect longer approval times for backgrounds/overlays with the holidays?

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I’ve had a few backgrounds in review… normally they don’t take this long. Do you think I am running the chance of having to wait until after Easter to get approvals?

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No, my backgrounds and overlays have been getting approved within 2 days


So have mine… 'cept the most recent ones… maybe today I’ll hear something.

every month there is a contest going on and thats why they are taking long to approve, backgrounds takes time to review and approve.


Hmmm a few of mine got approved today that I uploaded about three days ago? So they’re still in the usual time frame


my covers that i uploaded like 3 days ago just got approved today as well as some backgrounds. however i uploaded a background within 24 hours later and im still waiting for that one. so mine took about the average time i guess. if you uploaded around the same time as me, maybe we will get them approved tomorrow!

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