Do you feel inspired 😍,angry 😠or sad 😟when you read my post?

Guys if you feel happy or inspired by my post let me know I would love to know the way people who read my posts feel…be honest and I wouldn’t mind if you feel sad or angry besides I asked the question so drop your replies below love y’all :kissing_heart:


I’m feeling normal thankyou

Have you read my recent post at least they should make you feel something but if u feel normal that’s kinda good thanks for sharing

Tired as it is late here also coz of other things… anyway sorry but never seen ur posts here this is the first time as been offline for a few days as busy in life and kinda been sad/depressed in life especially this year in 2020 but am happy right now :slight_smile:

That’s great but don’t let this year bring you down due to what has been going on.

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O… Kay…kinda awkward for me the way you replied no offense tho’…but I just wanted to know what my viewers thought and I can’t judge you were actually telling me how you feel and I appreciate that😁

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I love you’re post it’s amazing and uplifting it’s what this community needs tbh and the post doesn’t have to be just about a writer. Just in general :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :100:

We need more positive people like you, not trolls, or haters :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much am gonna post more actually so you chill

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your welcome :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

Thanks and yeah u are correct about that but just work has been too much as I just don’t like it anymore as not where I usually work so doing different things, other times and other coworkers also thought about quitting. Told them and now they know so hopefully they can do something about it…

Also not getting to go to festivals and out at weekend is kinda boring…

Some things are ok I guess though and still get to do some things.

True and it is great when nice, kind and funny people are online…I find that on other sites aswell. It is best to have fun in life and laugh instead of being serious :grinning:

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Hey, hun, I generally feel normal

That’s great

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Thank you :smile:

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No problem…I hope u feel inspired at a particular time lol😅

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:joy: Thank you!

I like this thanks @Faith.episode.cats


Just felt like going through my posts Nd like view all d amazing comments posted by u guys Nd this is so touching…I mean my bestie would have said d same thing…too bad she isn’t on d group forum but she reads episode :kissing_closed_eyes:

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WB how are you?

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Am great… thanks for asking :blush:

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