Do you feel like


I feel like. The world is just crumbling. All around me. Things were ok and then suddenly. They weren’t. I. I started eating again. I had a steady diet, I was. Healthy. But now all day… I haven’t eaten all day today. And I don’t want to. Things were going steady when it came to my mom. I found a way out. But now… I let her get to me today. Today, I could’ve gotten away from her. But I didn’t take the chance. Before, my depression was perfectly ok. But. Today, I wasn’t able to do anything. I couldn’t get out of bed until my brother made me get out of bed. And I’m sad. I’m just so sad. And weeks ago, my friend asked me out. And I said no. But. I’m starting to rethink that. Maybe it’ll make me happy??? But that. That won’t work. I’m almost sure of it. Because… Nvm. And every song or movie I hear or watch, I cry. I’ve never cried during a marvel movie. But I did today. And I don’t know why.


Hold your head high you got this Amani and you will make it through!


So sorry you’re feeling this way :frowning: hope you feel better. My depression spiked these past two days :confused::cry:


I know how you feel rn cause I feel like shit
if you need someone to talk to pm me anytime


I know we’ve never really met but I really hope you find a way to deal with all of this. My anxiety flares up from time to time and I know how it feels to not want to move or do anything. Trust me, once you start moving and trying to cheer yourself up in more active ways it’ll have at least a small positive change.
Best wishes :heart:


Oh honey! You darling are one of the strongest and bravest person i know. I believe in you and i know you will make it out of this mess but until you do I am here if you ever wanna talk alright? And when you do find your way out I would tell ya “See? I knew you were so much more stronger than this!” I really wish I could do something for you.

Hope you feel better hun!


I don’t know u personally but i can say that you are very strong. So don’t give up. U can Fight u anxiety and u will win. Keep faith in urself dear…:blush: