Do you guys feel that way before school?

School is starting in like 9 days. When September comes I start to feel happy. I literally have 0 friends in school and the only friend I had changed schools. I don’t talk to anyone and I am the outsider(I haven’t used this word since March lol). I am too shy and my classmates are kind of talking behind other people’s back(it might be calling out but if it was they would say it in my face). The boys are worse. Especially the newbies(not so newbies anymore). No matter how boring and stressing is going to be I feel excited??? happy??? and also I can’t wait for school to start. I don’t know how to explain how I feel but the feeling is good. I don’t have a reason to be happy. Oh and I forgot to mention that the teachers are bad. My headteacher is giving me bad anxiety. Am I the only one who has this weird good feeling before school. I hope this makes sense lol.

After we start school I regret this feeling. But am I the only one.


I’m not looking forward to school :confounded:

Glad you’re excited though! Maybe you’ll make some new friends!

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I have this feeling every morning lol


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I am not. I am stressed AF. And I don’t think so

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hey! I started school about 2 weeks ago and one of My bffs moved schools, and my other one is literally in ZERO of my classes and I talk to her on tik tok like 1 in 2 months. so yeah.

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Just before school was gonna start,like a week before the time,I got severe anxiety,sad thing is my only friend ain’t in my group (we have two groups,one goes like this week then the next group goes the other week and the first group stays at home) so I just sit alone all the time cause I can’t hecking talk to other people,they come to talk to me but I walk away or shoo them away lmoa,so yea school ain’t exciting for me

Feels like a waste of time to me sadly

And I was hella behind with my work the day before school so I had to sit up from 4 pm to 1 am to finish my worked,daaaaamn I was tired

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I can totally relate to this.

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