Do you guys have any advice(s) to have a great time in your birthday?

hey guys , so for some of you knows my birthday is tomorrow ! Seem pretty fun right? but the things is that i got my présents in advance (seem cool right) but it kinda meh to have a birthday while you have your présents like a while agos …(but it cool too , one présent was something i wanted a long time agos!) but the worst thing is that the day on my birthday aka tomorrow is a school day ;-; (rip). do you guys have any advice(s) to have a great time in your birthday ?

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Remain in a positive mood :blob_sun:

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Make a list of things you’ve never done that you’ve always wanted to do and try to cross off something for every year you’ve been alive before the end of the day.

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I gotta say this is one of the best things that can happen to anyone! It’s amazing to celebrate your birthday with your friends, sometimes they can give you presentes or if not a lot of hugs (it depends on the kind of friends you have. But, for me it was amazing… I miss those days :sob:).
But if you don’t like school or if you’re planning to not go, then plan a day out with your family or friends or whoever you feel good! Or do whatever you like the most like sleeping 'till afertoon or eating lots of food
Idk, I think presents are not that important but the time you spent with the ones you love and feeling great are.
Happy birthday in advance!


thank you :smiley: !

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