Do you guys have any old fight or party templates?

It doesnt matter the background or who wins but if you guys have any old party or fight templates could i use them? I will give credit i just wanna switch out the characters! Thx if u helped :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if she has any but you can check out @epy_jesse on instagram I believe that’s her username if not it’s epi_jesse

Mk thxxxx

I’m actually making a template for fighting right now, I will give it to you via Google Drive if you’d like.

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Yesss Ofc! Thank You so much!

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Thx a lot but it says i need access :slight_smile:

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Here, I’ll fix that.

I don’t know if I fixed it, but…

i dont know about fight but theres a rooftop party template on a website I use, ill put the link: Rooftop Party Template Limelight
dont forget to give credits, it says it below the template, just scroll down. also you’ll have to make the characters (about 18 of them) and like change the name from like “char1, char2, char18” & etc in the template to the names of the 18 characters you made & if you’d like you’ll also have to make like party outfits for them

Wow tysm! Who is the person that made this so ic an put it for credit?

Thx it works!!

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