Do you guys like Episode Music? 🎶 🎵

When you are reading a story, do you like the Episode Music that’s put into it? In my opinion, I LOVE Episode Music! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped reading a story so I can jam/dance to the Episode Music that was put into it. So, what’s your opinion on Episode Music?


I love episode music! When I read stories with music, it helps enhance the reading experience! Comedies are also much funnier with sound. It gets so stale without it


IKR! It does get stale without it. Sometimes I get disappointed when I read a story and there’s no music.


Same! It helps the mood too!!


I do! there’s actually a lot of music that’s not usually used in a lot of stories, so i’m trying to integrate a lot of them in my new story as much as I can :grin:! although, I will always have a soft spot for the acoustic ballad one :heart_eyes:


:joy: :cat_shocked: lol
I have Never stopped reading a Story to enjoy the music but I’m a sucker for fitting sound And when I’m coding it’s very important to me to choose good music :llama: it takes me sooo much time :t_rex:

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I do!

My favorite is the clanging music and this

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