Do you guys like mafia/gangleader stories better or bad boys stories better?


I love both of them. I would love to read any story based on mafia or bad boy.


can i choose neither?


Yeah sure!! :joy::joy::joy: lol.


It depends. I hate seeing when women are treated like crap… without any respect whatsoever.
In my story my bad boy it’s not really that bad :joy:


I don’t like it when woman are treated like crap either. Especially when it’s like they can’t take up for themselves. I have my own little set of stories that I read, and it’s rare that I leave those two or three.


Came in here because I also love these kinds of stories but was going to say it should not be as difficult as it is to find one where women aren’t treated like crap so glad some people have already said it. I get that irl… women might not be treated that well in gangs etc. but tbh when you see it on Episode and it’s romanticised… that’s not okay…

Anyway! It depends, I think mafia/gang leader ones can go too far but bad boy stories tend to be more lighthearted and funny which I like.

If anyone has any good stories like this to recommend, I’d love to read them!


Sometimes the gang one depending on how its written but most of the time i rather not have either one. Its mostly men treating women like crap and the women laying down like a doormat and taking it like thats cute. Its a terrible message to send especially with all the young girls that read these stories. The glorification of dysfunctional relationships need to stop tbh. Thats not real love its emotional abuse. If they wrote the female lead character as a badass that took demanded respect and the guy was a gang member that had a tude with everyone but the woman hes in love with then i might like it lol


i can never take interest in those types of stories tbh, it’s like reading popular cliche wattpad stories with all the same plots.


I agree, most of those stories tend to be cliche. I like the mafia/gang stories more (lol, including mine) with the unique plot. In fact, I’m planning to write a romance gang story, but it’s going to be completely different. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Bad Boy stories
  • Mafia stories
  • Neither
  • Both

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totally agree with the fact.


same. I love mafia stories more than bad boy stories.


Hey ! I just started a “Mafia/gang” story, it already has 12 episodes. But it’s not about a gang leader meeting an innocent girl. Actually the bad guy in my story is a GIRL, the main caracter.

A quick synopsis : Jane, involved with a Mafia, has trained her entire life to get revenge on the ones who betrayed her family. But when the things get complicated when she doesn’t know who to trust anymore.

Title : Stockholm Syndrom : the broken one
Author : Dr Joje
Link :


Definately gonna read this as I love mafia stories.


90% of the time, the “bad boy” is in a gang, so…:sweat_smile:


Tell me what you think about it :wink:


I think you should go check my story then :wink:
I felt the same way about girls in those kind of stories, this why I created one i which the cold-hearted and bad guy is actually a girl.

Title : Stockholm Syndrom : The broken one
Author : Dr Joje
link :


Sounds intriguing! I actually saw this story somewhere already… can’t remember if it was on Episode, IG or even a thread but wasn’t sure how I felt about a story about Stockholm Syndrome. Seems like there’s a lot more to it than that though so I’ll check it out!


i cant really choose they are equally amazing and my favorites!
But if u need advice I would say a mafia/gang leader story if you have plenty of time because honestly, they are complicated or a bad boy story if you have other things going on in real life.
I hope this helped!


I loved your story. And it’s a unique story definately the type I’ve always wanted the bold cold hearted bad girl. Please continue this story.