Do you guys want to be in my story?

Hey guys! I’m working on this story called “The Most Cliche Story Ever” Description: This is the most cliche story ever! From Romance to Drama to Horror, Horror to Mystery, Mystery to Action, Action to Adventure, then to Fantasy. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
Choose what role you want to be in and send me the picture of your character!
Your character must be ink!
This genre is Comedy!
Bad Best Friend: @SakuraCheam
Best Friend 1: @elie9
The Main Nerd: @SakuraCheam
The girl who thinks she isn’t like others:
Your normal friend: @vqwrites
Adventure Friend @Stephbeauty_x
The idiotic student who believes aliens are real and here to kill us all: @Problematic_Patrick


Hmmm the best friend XD


Role: that one best friend that pushes the MC to do things she doesn’t want to do

Role: the nerd that falls in love with the bad boy

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Okay can you give me a screenshot of your character or the customization of the character?

Okay thank you!

Best friend of the LI or MC :blush:

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Okay, I will make her the best friend because I already created the MC. But thank you!

Oh no I meant bff of the Mc or of the Li :joy::joy:

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Name: Alex
Skin: Light
Eyebrows: Mature round
Hair: Straight (Platinum blonde)
Nose: Eleven
Eyes: upturned bold (green)
Lips: classic (scarlet)

Outfit: Hipster glasses (black) Small fishnets, boyfriend jeans, brooklyn hipster boots, shirt with suspenders (grey)

The weird girl who feels the need to say sHe’S nOt LiKe oThEr GiRlS.

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ROLE - um just not background or extra pls haha

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Lol okay it’s fine. I put your character as best friend anyways, so yeah.

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Okay thanks!

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Hey, if there is anymore roles I will like to be in it…

Insta @blossomepisode if you want to credit

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I made you an adventurer friend for the MC if that is alright. But thnxs!

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:open_mouth: I have a role. Yay

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Lol :joy::joy::joy:

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Lmao sorry I wrote background character on my post. I put you as a normal friend if that is alright. I thought you wanted to be a background character but then I realized that you didn’t want that.

oh, it’s okay! thank you!

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