Do you hate freckles?

My MC has freckles, and I want to be able for my readers to fully customize her. The only issue is, I’m kinda lazy :pensive: I don’t really want to make separate outfits for no freckles (i have a TON of outfits). So is freckles something that bothers you guys? Or do you think it’s a good idea to make separate outfits for those who don’t want MC to have freckles?

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  • No freckles

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I love freckles!

freckles >>>


freckles :heart_eyes:

I don’t really like freckles cause for one I like customizing all my MCs to look like me…so I’m an Indian girl with no freckles (obviously) so it makes me feel really weird. But if freckles are a recurring source of imagery than go ahead and use them. :sparkling_heart:

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