Do you have a UNIQUE Fantastical story? If so, I would LOVE to read it. Share them here!

Hey, did you want me to review it also?

The feedback would be great, I also read yours and It’s really cool, different from others and definitely got me intrigued, congrats!

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I have already DMed you my story a whole ago but I have made a video trailer you can watch if not convinced yet!

Sooooo, my story includes:

  • choices that matter (4 possible endings)
  • 4 mini-games
  • animated overlays and custom backgrounds (ALL the backgrounds are custom)
  • special art scene (everything, including the cover is drawn by yours truly)
  • and, of course, a captivating plot with multiple unexpected twists!

If you are still not convinced… THEN

Here is the video trailer I made so that you can get a better idea what the story is about:

My story details:

Name of story: Fantastical: Black Shadow
Author: Alex Af
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 3
Summary of story: Having women on board is considered bad luck? Well, as the most wanted pirate captain, you’ll certainly bring the worst luck to anyone who dares cross your path. CC, choices matter
Link to story:

Here is my story :slight_smile:

Title : Paradise
Author : Maggy
Genre : Fantasy
Style : Limelight
Number of episodes : 6 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode
Description : Fidelia is about to become a Goddess, she has to follow the prophecy. Fidelia is strong and independent, fun, and a crazy party girl. Will she accept her faith?
Link :


Hey there,
I’ve entered the Fantastical contest too!
Title: Fantastical: The Legend of Vienta
Author: Lill
Style: Ink
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 4 (ongoing)
Stolen memories, an unknown land and a life changing secret.
Who would have guessed so much hides behind those purple eyes?
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Hi! I published mine! It’s not your average mermaid story!
Title: Fantastical-The Mermaid
Author: Rahdia
PLOT: A chef seeking out new and exotic ways to improve his cooking skills finds himself falling into the forbbidden waters of GAYA when his boat accidently crashes. Allowing him to meet the guardian of the sea: A mermaid.

This looks really good. Gotta love a dragon! <3

Story: Fantastical: Dragon Scales.
Author: A. BeauTy
IG: @abt_episode
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Descripton: Echo’s life was never whole. Turns out the missing piece wasn’t on earth but in a different world altogether.

Hi! I’m reading your story right now and enjoying it. Has an RPG/Skyrim/GOT feel. Do you have an author IG account? That might help you get more reads as well.

Nevermind, I found you on IG and on the app. I’d be willing to do a full 3 chapter read for read with you if you like :slight_smile: Actually I’m just reading your story through, if you want to read mine, let me know <3

I read the first episode and wow! I love it! Keep it up girl!

Hi! Here’s my story!


**Title:**Fantastical: Flora
Author: Mina
In-app description: In a world where magic is banned, Flora finds herself sacrificing everything to help a group of rebels to overthrow a ruthless and tyrannical king.
Full summary: Flora has lived in the palace her whole life, working as a handmaiden for the princess. The only thing she knows about the world beyond the city gates is that it is beautiful - and dangerous. For a hundred years, magic folk have been ostracised and killed by laws enforced by the cruel king and his ancestors, and people are starting to fight back. When an opportunity arises for Flora to leave the city for the first time, she is immediately drawn into the battle for justice and equality, and discovers the truth about her estranged father while fighting for her life.

  • CHOICES MATTER!!! From Flora’s relationships with those around her to literally the fate of the entire kingdom, your choices will have an impact on many things within the story!
  • Diverse cast - if you choose not to customise Flora, she is a WOC, and I have always imagined her to be so. I gave the option to customise so that readers can create themselves (even if they have a different name) and give rise to even more diversity. Both love interests are POC, and majority of the side characters are POC as well!
  • Underlying themes - although this is just a fantasy, the whole idea behind the story has underlying themes of racism, and the main character and her friends fight to end the injustices they face, which is reminiscent of the lives of many people who face racism
  • Also I worked really hard on this story, and tried out using overlays for advanced directing for the first time, and I’m quite pleased with the result lol

Hello. My name’s B612 Resident. Thanks for creating this thread. I’ll read yours when I have time. I’d be grateful if you give me story a chance. Here’s the information

Title: Fantastical: Angel on Vacation
Author: B612 Resident
Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
Type: Ink
Description: Rexana is an angel sent to Human world. She decided to consider it a vacation but will things turn out the way she imagined? Can she keep her identity a secret? c.c
Story cover:

Thanks in advance

:two_hearts:Hello Lovelies​:two_hearts:
Checkout my story .Link below :point_down:
Story : The Chocolate Fairyland
Description : A girl has lovable grandparents but few bad people are with her. There is a place where she can escape but will she discover it? How will be the life there?

my story is Fantastical: Fake Reality!
I would really appreciate it!

Hi! This is my story. Is a Fantastical contest entry, I just realsed it and hope you like it :mermaid::merman::mermaid::merman:

Author: Auseen
Story Name: Fantastical: What The Ocean Hides
Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight
Genre: Fantasy
Instagram: @emma.auseen (Better contact me here)
Description: After a blackout, a common girl wakes up as a mytical ocean creature. She will have to find what happened that night while living the good and bad side of her new life state.

Thanks for starting this thread! I’ll give your story a read and if you want to check it out here is my story:

Title: The Essentia Chronicles
Author: Tldax913
Style: Ink
Genre: fantasy
Description: Kadence is a powerful essence with a troubled past. Will she be able to embrace her power in time to save her realm or will darkness consume her?
Link: HTTP://
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi here is mine yesterday finished story
Title: The Chronicle of Dragon
Author: Jinxy
style: Ink
Genre: Fantasy/ Romance
Chapters: 28 finished book one
Logline: Girl is taken as payment to the dragons cave, what happens with her?
Share link:

Hello everyone! :smile::wave:

I just revamped my story Puppy Love. It’s out with a better storyline and improved directing. I am hoping you guys would read my story. Here’s the details.

Title: Puppy Love
Author: Lou
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance w/ a touch of Fantasy (but i put it in the fantasy section)
Episodes: 4 ongoing
IG: @authorlou.episode

Why should you give this story a read?
Well I know it’s title appears to be so cliche but don’t be fooled 'cause it’s beyond what you expected. Find out what it feels like to be in a dog’s feet by reading Alli’s thoughts. Will Jason be able to admit his true feelings for Alli after finding out she’s his puppy?

My story name is: Fantastical: The TwIsT uP
Genre: Comedy/Fantasy
Style: INK
Author: Helena
Also yours is a very nice story!

Hey, can you please read my story? )))
Title: Fantastical: Mysterious Investigation
Author: Lаwful Evil
Genre: Fantasy
Style: limelight
Description: People are missing in Innsmoot, the monster lives in the forest. Who’s behind all this? ~

image image


Fantastical: No Longer Slaves
Story Type: Episode Cimematic | Story Style: Episode Ink

Author Name:
Treasure T.V. M.D. Jackson

Story Description:

Everyones’ just gotten out of “slavery,” children are teenagers, Most of them have been converted… But, has everyone healed?

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Adventure

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: CutiePieTTV

Twitter: treasuretv