Do you have any outlines I can use?


Hi, I would like to practice on your outline. Do you have any I can use?


Here you go. I know they’re ugly but you can use them if you want. Please show me when you’re done! I’d love to see the result!


Hello turtle_cat I am in need of an art cover for my story it is called Missing do you think you can help me?


Ugly? Are you crazy? I love it! Of course I Will show you results, thanks for those beautiful outlines!


Hey @lithill555! I’d love to help you with s cover. If you don’t mind waiting, my waiting list is blank and I still have a few I need to work on so please request on the The Magic Turtle Art Official Shop . Thanks!

@a_mojtaPL, you’re so sweet! Can’t wait to see the result.:heart:


ok thanks


What do you think?


O M G O M G O M G O M G O M G!!!
Great job!


Thank you! :heart:


Great, thank you!