Do you have nightmares?

I tend to have nightmares when I eat sweets and go straight to sleep.

One time, I had a nightmare so bad I started squirming. My husband had to wake me up and check on me.

I also sometimes read those websites that interpret dreams just to get a different perspective. I tend to forget my dreams soon after I wake up.



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I hate the one where you are falling.


I used to have a lot of nightmares but somehow they just disappeared and I don’t even know what I did to make them disappear :sweat_smile:
I figured out though that I tend to sleep waaaay better when it’s warm in the room and not too cold (in winter I turn on the heater, etc. to make sure it’s warm)

Actually, I read those websites for interpreting dreams sometimes too and it helps me to understand what my brain processes during sleep :smile:


Yea. I don’t dream unless I get a certain amount of sleep.

Sometimes I get deja vu and it feels like I dreamt about that situation. I always say whenever I dream, which doesn’t happen often, I should write it down right away.

Then I get lazy lol and don’t do it.


Ohhh I tried writing down my dreams too but I usually don’t have enough time in the mornings and I forget them shortly after getting up

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It is crazy how fast you forget it because it is random sometimes.

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Not remembering dreams can be affected by your sleep pattern.


That’s really interesting :thinking: Thanks for sharing this!

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I rarely get nightmares but today I was dreaming that I was about to give birth lmaoo

What does that even mean…


Oop I used to have nightmares as well and when I wake up I literally well i actually wake up because of them, but for some reason i just forget it now hm- I read some websites cuz it made me kinda curious and I think i really need to sleep more lol- but its kinda hard since I don’t have time :flushed:

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oop- oma really…?? :flushed:

Fr it was crazy. I was in the hospital getting ready to go into labor. I remember feeling nervous and scared lol!

Sad part is I don’t even know who is the daddy of my dream baby lmaoo

Lmfao thats- im speechless :flushed:
Lol from all the dreams u could have u really had that one haha, thats insane lol. How did u react when u wake up? :eyes:

I have more nightmares nowadays lol, I have like 16 dream catchers up, I know they don’t work but it’s something that I can flex on.

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Here is one interpretation of dreams about birth.

Oh nice lol

Yes! I do, not anymore though, idk why! :two_hearts::joy:

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yeah i have nightmares but not your expected ones like in movies or ghost following yhu

It is so hard to dream.

I only dream if I sleep for a while.

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