* do you have pet peeves *


I wanted to ask you guys do you have any episode pet peeves / frustrations ?
Reply if you have any :slight_smile:

I really hate when authors put to much details describing like you would in a book. you are not writhing a books. but a manuscript. reason books has all that description is all we have is text . in episode we evrything to look at like a movie or tv show.


When there’s no character development and rushed.

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Oh and when they’re presenting the characters like “hi! I’m Jon!” it’s better if they start the story in action so we can to know what characters are like.


The writer making the story intro all about them, I don’t mind a little “Hi I’m the writer here are things you should know” but these authors are out here giving their whole life story in these intros. We’re not here to get to know you, we want to read the story :joy:


-When the author has NO DIVERSITY or all the unimportant characters are people of color and the main characters are all straight white people

-When a female hits a male and its seen as ‘badass, ooo’


-When the main character has 0 personality and is just bland af

-When all the characters are cliche af


Bad grammar is a huge pet peeve of mine. Especially when it’s really frequent in a story.
There’s many stories that I would probably finish on episode, had they had better spelling and grammar.


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