Do you have this gate overlay?



DO you guys have this gate overlay???
I need it ASAP


Yes you do! I highly doubt Episode has an already overlay there, so you would need to create your own! :wink: I would help, but requests can sometimes make me depressed. :sweat_smile:


You would need an overlay of the gates and a background version of the house without the gates


She wouldn’t need both, just one or the other! Unless she was to zoom in. Then it would be clearer.


Thank you for the advice!:grin:


No problem babe :heart:


So um do people have this overlay? or do I need to request it somewhere? cuz I need it ASAP


You would need to request it to someone with time, which I don’t have :joy:
But no worries, as I’m not a fan of episode groups I know @CinnamonToast, @lanafrazer_episode, and @abygail.bauman might be able to help! They’re all angels! :innocent:


Thank you :smiley: this means a lot!


No problem! If you ever need help in the future, feel free to pm me bae! :heart:


HAHA I should make another post about this one to get more help. Hope many people sees it


Oh don’t! I think Lana liked it, so maybe she’ll reply! :joy:
I’n going crazy.


I think this background came from a devaniart. Im not so sure. I havent found any gate overlay that looks like that.


lol dont go craaaazyyy lol


:joy: my PFP keeps on drinking too much coffee!!




Thank you.
@Olivia2003 I don’t think I’m able to help, I’m sorry. it’s a little too advanced and I feel dreaded thinking about cropping all those holes out!
However, I agree with @QueenMilii, and I also highly recommend @abygail.bauman (Hi, I’m sorry I keep recommending you).


It’s all good love :heart: